Racconti di Arcobaleno

tales of the rainbow and other colorful stories


colonelloanimePacifier: Blue
Element: Rain
Animal: Falcon (Falco)
Special technique: Maximum Burst

what we already know:

– Member of COMSUBIN (like the Italian Green Berets)
– Military defense expert for the mafia
– Trained Ryohei during the Varia arc
– Tried to have a romantic relationship with Lal Mirch
– He’s not supposed to be Arcobaleno, but he switched places with Lal Mirch.

Reborn says:

– He’s an expert at sniper rifles and heavy artillery
– He’s an expert at karate and sambo (a Russian martial art)
– He’s an expert at setting traps
– He managed to take on and defeat 1,375 hitmen from a rival mafia family — all by himself!


6 Responses to “Colonnello”

  1. Aleanddra said

    EH?! tried to have?!



  2. Aleanddra said






  3. aya said

    ahhmm does colonello a member of the vongola family?

  4. kristine said

    too bad his younger than lal when I heard that from reborn I was so shocked man that was weird

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