Racconti di Arcobaleno

tales of the rainbow and other colorful stories


fonganimePacifier: Red
Element: Storm
Animal: Japanese macaque (Ri-chi/Li-chi)
Special technique: Bakuren-ken (exploding lotus-ken)

* Amano has placed in manga chapter 250 that Fon is the official spelling. This is the pronunciation of the katakana ‘fu-o-n’ that you see above the kanji.

* Chinese and Chinese-speaking fans often use “Feng” (pronounced “fung” as in feng shui) because this is the romanized spelling of the same character in Chinese. This is not wrong, and is acceptable.

* “Fong” is the variation Viz’s translations are using for Crunchyroll. (I used “Fong” prior to the official spelling, since I tend to rhyme ‘feng’ with ‘cheng’, which would be wrong. However to decrease confusion I’m sticking now to the official spelling for this site.)

what we already know:

– Fon was I-pin’s teacher, the one who taught her martial arts, back in Hong Kong.
– Hibari Kyouya bears a more-than-uncanny resemblance to Fon, which makes I-pin get shy around Hibari.
– I-pin currently carries a stuffed doll resembling him.
– The kanji for his name means “wind” or “discipline”, depending on usage. The kanji is one of the two in Hibari’s arm band (“discipline committee”)

Newer information:

– He’s really a martial arts master
– He has been a champion at martial arts tournaments in China for three consecutive years
– He currently owns a street stall selling gyoza (Japanese dumplings)
– Also fights using gyoza-ken
– Pacifist among the seven

From Haru-Haru Interview in volume 31 [thanks to yamachan01 for the translation]:

– Fon confirms that he is related to Hibari, but they are not brothers. He won’t say anything more, though, because Hibari would get angry.
– His favorite food is mapo tofu
– He has such a strong punch that his air punch can indent an eraser!


9 Responses to “Fon”

  1. Jimmy said

    When does Fon come to the anime(I meant when he show himself, not as the masked person with a monkey on his head).

  2. Alex said

    I think fon is an awesome martial artist

  3. Hiro said

    Fon is real cool

  4. NK said

    Could it be that Fon is Hibari’s grandfather? O_O

  5. L said

    how many martial arts does he knows??

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