Racconti di Arcobaleno

tales of the rainbow and other colorful stories

Lal Mirch

lalmirchPacifier: Black (corrupted)
Element: none (but she carries cloud and mist RINGS, see explanation in comments)
Special technique: Survival Blast

* pronounced “lal mirk”

what we already know:

– She carries a corrupted, black, pacifier.
– Introduced in the Varia arc as a part of the Vongola CEDEF (external support group).
– Acts as trainer and tactical adviser for Vongola in the Future arc.
– Non-trinisette radiation caused her to mature and get sick over the ten years.
– Was Colonello’s direct superior and military trainer.
– Colonello had the guts to try getting into a romantic relationship with her.
– Colonello switched places with her during that process that created the Arcobaleno. But since she was in the area then, the process also affected her.


5 Responses to “Lal Mirch”

  1. Aleanddra said

    EH?! guts?



  2. Aleanddra said

    but when? I DONT KNOW!!

    anyone, pls. tell me…..



  3. Minchan said

    Lal’s element was originally rain (first stated during the Melone Base arc when she activated the corrupted pacifier) but due to the corruption of the Arcobaleno Curse, it changed to a combination of mist/cloud, which would technically not be “no element”.


    /end of nitpicking?

  4. Chansa said

    Well I think what it means by no element is that the cloud nullified the mist making the element neutral? thats what i think.

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