Racconti di Arcobaleno

tales of the rainbow and other colorful stories


luceanimePacifier: Orange
Element: Sky
Animal: Squirrel (Cosmo)

* pronounced “lu-che”
* means “light” in Italian

what we already know:

– Luce is Uni’s grandmother. (confirmed in manga chapter 254)
– Uni, leader of the Giglio Nero branch (Black Spell of Millefiore), wears clothes exactly like hers.
– Upon the death of the previous leader, Uni quite suddenly appears, wearing the orange pacifier, and is declared new leader of the branch.
– Recent manga tankobon information: Luce is Aria’s mother, Aria is Uni’s mother. Aria is the name of the Giglio Nero head before Uni. All three have the marks on the left cheek.

Reborn says:

– She has a mysterious power of manipulating/using light (or having clear and enhanced insight, much like Tsuna, depending on the translation)
– In the present time she is missing. (The pacifier is currently with Aria, the present Giglio Nero boss at the time of the Arcobaleno trials.)


12 Responses to “Luce”

  1. Naomi said

    Hey! vongolaORG owner here~ I looked on 2ch and I believe that Luce’s daughter’s name may be Aria. I’m not entirely sure though, but someone typed out all the ‘extras’ section from the newest volume and that’s what Byakuran said. 🙂

    • Thanks. I’ll keep the comment here for the benefit of others. I’ll add it above once confirmed. Glad you found this site! I wasn’t actively plugging it yet. ^^v

  2. Saffron said

    I do know that both the 8th Vongola Boss and Uni’s Mom share the same name:) Is that odd or is it just me?

    • I don’t know enough to say if there is a connection. I guess we’ll know eventually.

      • Naomi said

        I’m wondering, where did it mentioned that her name was Daniela? One of the Vongola bosses was named Daniela, but 2ch already confirmed her name was Aria as that’s the name I’ve been seeing used in the forums.

  3. EK said

    I’m pretty sure I read about Daniela with Gamma when the backstory of the Giglio Nero/Gesso merger was given. I think I believe you a out the Aria, if it was placed in volume 25. I guess things will sort themselves out soon.

    • Naomi said

      That’s odd. I just went back and read the chapter and they don’t mention Daniela at all (unless you can point it out for me). I think it’d be odd for Amano to give two characters the same exact name.

      • Thank you for the scan. Maybe I need to read over again, or I’m getting my info mixed up again. ^^;; I believe you, Amano won’t name two characters the same (too confusing). If it’s okay with you, I’ll read up, but I’ll wait for the relevant anime episode before I do any changes.

  4. Naomi said

    By the way, here is the scan (courtesy of xsweet_rainex@LJ): http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v646/argilla/ariaair.jpg

  5. Saffron said

    To Naomi: Somewhere along the lines in the fandom community I read about it. I have to agree with you though that giving two different character’s the same name is odd. Though I just have to ask, where did you hear that Uni’s Mother’s name was Aria? Thanks again;)

    • Naomi said

      Saffron, check the image link above(it’s from vol.25) where Byakuran answers the person’s question. Not only that, the Japanese fan community has already been using this name.

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