Racconti di Arcobaleno

tales of the rainbow and other colorful stories


verdeanimePacifier: Green
Element: Thunder
Animal: Caiman, an alligatoroid crocodile (Caiman)
Special Technique: Elettrico Thunder

what we already know:

– He helped develop the ring boxes, along with two other researchers.
– He does not like the Vongola, and at one point orchestrated attempts to assassinate Tsuna, the 10th generation boss.

Newer information:

– He really is a respected top-class scientist and researcher.
– Reborn calls him a mad scientist!
– Everything to him are just means to an end, things to help him complete his researches.
– Does not care who he hurts as long as his researches are done!


3 Responses to “Verde”

  1. Chansa said

    everybody dislikes or hates Verde, well the way he acts of course…

    But he’s my favourite character :P, okay truthfully I hate the way he acts too, but he’s amusing 😀

  2. Simone said

    He’s one of my favorite characters too.

  3. Milkcoffee-MelonBread said

    Love love love him.
    But I find it funny, I think he may have had more fan before her even showed up.
    Mad scientists for the win, thank you very much.

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