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Viper (Mammon)

viperanimePacifier: Indigo
Element: Mist
Animal: Frog / Ouroboros (Phantasma) [see comments]
Special technique: Viper Mirage

* The ‘Marmon’ spelling is a common English translation mistake, so much that it is sometimes used officially, but it is not justified by this character’s personality and will contradict the seven-deadly-sins theme running for the Varia. ‘Mammon’ is the correct rendering.

what we already know:

– Introduced as a member of Vongola Varia
– Able to create and maintain illusions (thus acting as the Mist ring guardian for Varia)
– Almost never does things without a fee of some sort (“Mammon” stands for money)
– In the Future arc, Varia has replaced Mammon with Fran, as Mammon has been reported dead.

Reborn says:

– A first-class psychic (ESPer) as is
– Added illusion-casting into the repertoire of skills and techniques

* For now we’re not sure if Viper is male or female, so I’m being careful with the pronouns. I will change pronouns once we’re sure.


20 Responses to “Viper (Mammon)”

  1. Take' said

    Phantasma isn’t actually a frog but an Ouroboros, that’s to say a snake which bites its own tail.
    Mammon has just created the illusion of a frog in order not to be recognize as Viper =)
    Maybe you can add that Viper really likes money, but I’m not sure it’s an important point.

    Anyway, I really like the initiative of your website, good continuation ^^

    (I’m sorry if you can find some mistakes, I’m french ^^’)

  2. Jimmy said

    Is Mammom really dead? It was sad to hear Mammom dead. Mammom is my favorite character.

    • Maybe, and the same goes for majority of the Arcobaleno, but I am still not sure. I invoke the shonen manga law of not zero (no body, no death, and even if there is a body, be suspicious).

  3. Jimmy said

    Does Mammom come back to the anime or manga?

  4. Kyle said

    Mammom/Viper died protecting Colloneo(suiciding himself I think). It says so in episode 105 in ziimedia.com
    Mammom’s a male.

    • Mammon’s gender is still arbitrary (meaning, Amano keeps using general pronouns for Mammon), so any “he” or “she” usage in English translations is just to straighten out the flow of the sentence.

      And I apologize for taking so long to reply.

  5. xmammonx said

    mammon is a male you can even check on reborn wiki http://reborn.wikia.com/wiki/Viper

    • I stand by my statement.

      According to many members of the hitman_reborn community, all Japanese pronouns and words used for Viper have been neutral, neither masculine nor feminine. So far Viper has not been referenced as “that man” or “that girl”, unlike more obviously male and female characters like Reborn or Lal. It was always “that person” or “that illusionist”. So until we can see Viper’s face and a body outside the cloak, I will keep avoiding masculine or feminine pronouns.

      Translations of both anime and manga cannot be relied upon for this. Until there is more certainty, they use “he”, simply to make the sentence construction less awkward.

  6. Victoire said

    I just wanted to add that Mammon/Viper was….(a whole lot of spoiler)…shown again in chapter 281 of the manga.

    • My apologies for editing your comment, but it is too much of a spoiler, especially for the anime (since the anime will still just cover this material after this filler arc).

      • Victoire said

        That’s okay, I didn’t want to say that Mammon just appeared out of nowhere.
        Oh, yes. Sorry about that. Feel free to edit whatever it is you need to. 🙂

  7. Mammon said

    So Mammon isnt male or female classified yet? well just to say out of all the people i know who has watched more of the show then i have-have all said that Mammon is a girl but can change between male and female but Mammons true gender is female from what people who have watched more and red more about the show then i have. :/

    • EK said

      If you could kindly point me to their references for saying so (a profile or picture in the recent manga volumes or tie-in light novels, something OFFICIALLY said within Weekly Shonen Jump or Reborn Colore), I am willing to change it. Such changes have been made for Fon and Luce. But until there is better official word, the information as given will stay.

      • Mammon said

        I have yet to see anything that is point blind pointing to male or female myself, i’m only on episode 69 and haven’t really looked at the manga much, but i do have to ask, does viper really die? I’ve hear’d that viper dies.

      • EK said

        My answer would definitely be spoiler. ^^; The information you seek is in the early sections of the Future arc (when you start hearing about ‘Melone Base’ and a certain Gingerbread, your answer will be coming soon).

        This has a little more info: http://reborn.wikia.com/wiki/Viper

  8. Carlos said

    according to the wikipedia viper is a male. “.”

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