Racconti di Arcobaleno

tales of the rainbow and other colorful stories


arcobalenocoverIn order for Sawada Tsunayoshi to open his special Vongola Sky box, he needs to meet all seven Arcobaleno, somehow beat them all in seven trials, and get them to open the seven seals around his Vongola box.

This is not as easy as it sounds. Not all the Arcobaleno are allies to Vongola. Not all seven get along with the others.

In order to meet the seven Arcobaleno, Tsuna has to (read this carefully) leave the future timeframe where Byakuran is so powerful, and go back to his present time as a 15-year-old. He will do this along with his guardians, I-pin, Kyoko, and Haru.

Of course, while Tsuna and the guardians are tested by the Arcobaleno, we hope to be given their backstories one at a time.


This site will specifically cover the Arcobaleno trials subarc of the Katekyo Hitman Reborn ANIME. This subarc of the Future arc will cover the history behind the eight little people found in the series, including the title character, home-tutor-hitman Reborn.

As of current information, the manga will not cover this material. Instead, the author Amano Akira has allowed Artland to animate the story, based on her material. This is why this is important both to those fans who only watch the anime and those who insist on just reading the manga.

This site therefore hopes to be the site in English that fans can refer to for that information, as well as clarification for fanfiction or general discussion.

Only the Arcobaleno trials subarc will be summarized here. Once the anime covers the Choice battles, the summaries will stop. That said, entire episodes will be covered, non-selectively. Information specific to each Arcobaleno will be added to their profiles.

– The siteowner does not know enough Japanese to be able to watch raws. She has to rely on Crunchyroll and HS subs to make the summaries she makes of the episodes. Assistance from people who CAN understand Japanese will be gratefully accepted.

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