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Monster Hunter Tsuna!

Kaibutsu Tsugai Tsuna! (Monster-hunter/Monster Tamer Tsuna!) is originally a series of short gag comics from Amano Akira, placed inside V Jump (it’s another magazine, covering video games). It features the core Vongola but in a Halloween-themed alternate story.

Scans of the original comics could be found here. Just open the spoiler boxes.

The animated shorts will be summarized here as given. As usual, summaries are dependent on Crunchyroll translations.

Name spelling changes are intentional by the author.


Episode 1 (ep155)

It starts with DameTsuna getting beat up by the village kids.

Reboji (well, the unnamed old wise person in the sparkly wizard costume. but this is the name given in the comic) appears, asking if he’s DameTsuna the weakest boy of the village who always gets beat up.

At DameTsuna’s house, Reboji tells DameTsuna that he’s the hero, the descendant of a long line of monster tamers. It is his duty to use the power to defeat evil monsters.

DameTsuna runs out of the house whimpering he can’t do that. Reboji follows and knocks him down. It is his duty. The next village is being attacked by vampire Hibarin.

Blood-sucking Hibarin (variation by author) is a very evil monster who attacks peaceful villages, who sucks the people that resist dry. Hibarin himself poses and gives the “I suck people to death!” (sui-korosu!) line in a voice half Hibari, half Fon!

Reboji faces the audience and says “To be continued.”


Episode 2 (ep156)

After some summarizing and Reboji formally introducing himself…

Reboji tells DameTsuna that he just needs the Mon-mon candy. This will let him release the power inside him so he can become the Monster Tamer Hyper-Tsuna. They will now go on a journey to find it.

After crossing bridges and woods (“epic struggles”, according to Reboji), they reach a cave. They first need to get Leo-X.

Our favorite chameleon Leon shortly turns from Reboji’s hat into, well, Leo-X (that is, the lizard form). Tsuna of course wails…you mean Leo-X has been there all along?! So the trip was pointless?!

To be continued!


Episode 3 (ep157)

After some summarizing, Reboji says it is now time to face vampire Hibarin, also that Leo-x lays the Mon-mon candy as eggs.

Hibarin runs in, in front of them. He says the lines: he has been waiting for Monster Tamer Tsuna, he will suck all who resist to death.

DameTsuna starts running away but Reboji trips him. Tsuna should be fine if he has the Mon-mon candy, he says. So let him have it already!, Tsuna says. Leo-x changes from the hat into the lizard and tries to lay the said candy. But the lizard lays nothing. Reboji says Leo-x is constipated. Oh, the great timing, Tsuna wails.

Hibarin runs in quickly as Tsuna wails and Reboji tells Tsuna to wait patiently. At the last moment Leo-x pops out the Mon-mon candy, which flies into Tsuna’s mouth. Tsuna goes into the dying-will mode and goes all brave and stuff. But that doesn’t stop Hibarin from whacking at Tsuna with the tonfa and sending Tsuna flying off. Why the heck is a vampire using tonfa?!, Tsuna wails.

Oh, Reboji forgot to say that blood-sucking Hibarin is invincible!

The end.

(I am sorry, I do no justice to how funny this looks.)


Episode 4 (ep179)

After a quick summary of what Kaibutsu Tsugai Tsuna is all about…

Reboji tells Tsuna that they will get a group of monsters to help Tsuna defeat Hibarin.

They stop at a large scary-looking laboratory place, and encounter, strapped to an upright plank…Ryohei-stein! (This isn’t the formal name for him, though, I’ll change this next week.)


Episode 5 (ep 180)

Reboji comes closer to the LARGE automaton and brings out Mon-mon candy. Monster power has been sealed in the monster, so if the candy is popped in…which Reboji does…the automaton Ryohei comes to life! Extremely going berserk and stomping in place and breaking the walls.

Ryohei-stein reaches out to Tsuna. Reboji says the monsters wants to shake hands in return for bringing him back to life. Tsuna takes the hand, but Ryohei gives him a tight handshake and tight hug. But the automaton cannot control his strength…and soon runs out of power, sleeping over Tsuna!

Poor Tsuna lugs off Ryohei-stein on his shoulders through the continuing journey.


Episode 6 (ep 181)

Night falls and Reboji, Tsuna, and Ryohei-stein camp for the night under the full moon. Just the best time for HIM to appear…

…the bandit werewolf Gokudera!

Gokudera angrily attacks Tsuna (for no reason), as Reboji explains that this werwolf is powerful and unleashes an unlimited set of attacks.

Why don’t you help me instead?, Tsuna wails under the rain of blows.


Episode 7 (ep182)

The werewolf Gokudera introduces himself as a bandit, telling them to hand over their money. But by coincidence a small fish spills out of a pocket. Gokudera loves fish and pounces on it and hugs it happily.

But would a werewolf be acting like that? Tsuna wonders. An animal who likes fish that much should rightly be a were-cat, not a were-wolf, wouldn’t it?

The full moon disappears behind some clouds, and Gokudera’s cat-ears poof away, converting him to full human. Apparently Tsuna is the first person to realize Gokudera is a were-cat, which makes Tsuna worthy to be Gokudera’s boss! Gokudera will now follow him everywhere, much to Tsuna’s “EEEEEEH?!”.

So were-cat Gokudera joins the group, happily carrying the still-sleeping automaton Ryohei on his back. Another weird monster joins them, Tsuna woefully notes.


Episode 8 (ep183)

Tsuna’s company take shelter from rains at a cave. But when they are fully sheltered, the clouds part and the sun comes out. When they step out again, the rains come back in.

A childish voice in the clouds laughs, so they finally noticed! Introducing the greatest monster, Lightning-bolt Lambo! But Reboji gives the “to be continued!” thing before Lambo can show anything!


Episode 9 (ep 184)

So Lambo the lightning bolt properly introduces himself to the group as the greatest monster, but werecat Gokudera (still with automaton Ryohei on his back!) wonders if a lightning god could be considered a monster. Reboji tells them to just ignore Lambo.

Lambo is annoyed of being ignored and follows them. Reboji brings out a Mon-mon candy and makes Tsuna swallow it. The special candy turns him into Hyper Tsuna, making him knock Lambo out of the sky and stops the rains.

But lightning-bolt Lambo still tags along with them!


Episode 10 (ep 185)

Reboji’s group head on to a graveyard. Reboji tells a creeped-out Tsuna that monsters are likely in graveyards. Were-cat Gokudera assures him he’ll take out anything that shows up. Tsuna doesn’t want to fight ghosts.

A green-faced happy person with an ax on his head pops up behind a gravestone. He says they should just be friends instead. Tsuna is happy about that option, but soon realizes it came from a mummy. Specifically merry-zombie Yamamoto, complete with baseball uniform.

That’s still scary! Tsuna says. But the happy zombie still wants to be friends and brings out an arm…which immediately falls off.


Episode 11 (ep 186)

Zombie Yamamoto happily picks up the dropped arm, no worries, he can reattach! This creeps out Lambo and Gokudera. Reboji just says that the zombie probably died happy with no regrets. But Zombie-yama cheerfully corrects that notion: he was caught in a trap after being backstabbed by buddies, thus turning into a zombie. That’s a terrible way to die! Tsuna notes.

Yamamoto asks to come along, because he wants to be Tsuna’s friend. But he suddenly stops. The body gets stuck at a tree and his brain jumps up onto a branch! Apparently the brain is named Takeshi and it happily apologizes about it.

So zombie-Yamamoto and Takeshi-brain joins the group.


Episode 12 (ep 187)

Tsuna and his ragtag bunch of monsters are walking through somewhere. Reboji notes that it’s almost time to face vampire Hibarin. Tsuna is worried, but the zombie and the werecat give their support. Reboji also reminds that Tsuna is from a long line of legendary monster hunters, he’ll be fine.

No, it will be hopeless, says a bush where out pops four creatures. The leader says he’s the true monster tamer, Mukuro. He’s surrounded by monster minions weredog Ken, mummy Chrome, and golem Kakikpi. Mukuro with the pineapple scepter declares they will be the ones to defeat Hibarin.

Tsuna happily thinks that it would be great if Kokuyo fights Hibarin instead of him doing it. So he should let Kokuyo handle it! No can do, Reboji says, it is Tsuna’s duty to defeat Hibarin. Very well, they will decide it with a battle, Mukuro says.

In any case, after Reboji tells us it will be continued, Mukuro says we can expect ‘a magnificent performance next week’.


Episode 13 (ep 188)

(Said ‘magnificent performance’ happened in the episode itself.)

So monster-hunter Mukuro says with pride that his monsters are really strong. First he sics weredog Ken, but Ken just digs (really kawaii!) in front of him. Mummy Chrome just repeats that statement. Then he sics Kakipi the golem. But Kakipi just strongly nudges Mukuro by mistake, since his glasses are broken. To be continued!


Episode 14 (ep 189)

Since Ken and Kakipi screw up, Mukuro sends off mummy Chrome, and Chrome nicely and obediently runs off. Unfortunately Chrome’s brain, Dokuro-chan, gets stuck up a tree (similar to zombie-Yamamoto’s brain).

That leaves Mukuro himself, who has a weapon of last resort: a white flag of surrender.

This leaves Tsuna’s group as the ones to beat Hibarin. To be continued!


Episode 15 (ep 190)

So Reboji and Tsuna’s party finally reach Hibarin’s castle. The large wooden main doors open, and they enter. But it slams shut on them and leaves bumps on them all.

The doors have trouble staying open. So says Hibarin from the top of the stairs. He formally introduces himself: The vampire Hibarin, living at Demon Valley 2-4, he loves salisbury steak and coconut juice, his hobby is to have fun alone and sucking people to death and playing with birds and to patrol his castle…and yes, he did this without being asked to and much to Tsuna’s sweatdropping. But one last thing: Hibarin is not much of a talker, so Hibarin says…to everyone sweatdropping. To be continued!


Episode 16 (ep 191)

The vampire Hibarin asks what Tsuna’s group came for, did they come to let him suck their blood out? Reboji directly says that monster-hunter Tsuna came to slay him. This sets off Hibari and he flies down declaring sui-korosu. The party is whacked down with little effort and wiped out…

…except for Takeshi-brain who jumps and hangs on to a chandelier. What will he insanely-cheerful brain do? Chuckle and say “To be continued!”.


Episode 17 (ep 192)

The Takeshi-brain happily laughs at its predicament. Hibarin finally acknowledges its presence and wonders why the brain does not seem to be worried.

Takeshi-brain cheerfully says it remembers something the old wizard (Reboji) said, and it searches the wizard’s pockets. It eventually finds the jar of Mon-mon candy, candy containing the sealed power of monsters. The brain goes on to feed some to the still-unconscious Tsuna. But Tsuna gulps it down (along with the brain’s hand), goes into Hyper-mode, and fights Hibarin head-on.

And during the evenly-matched fight, Tsuna’s brain, named Sawada, pops out and gives Hibarin the finishing blow. It seems that when Tsuna gulped down the zombie-brain’s hand, Tsuna too turned zombie.

So in the end, Tsuna humbly saying it’s with everyone’s help and Ryohei-stein correctly noting that he didn’t help, Tsuna slayed Hibarin and brought peace to the village. But…Hibarin just knocked out for a few moments. Coming to, he gets up and swears angrily that Tsuna will pay it back a hundred times over.

Tsuna’s battle will still continue, maybe…


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  1. Hikari said

    Ep 1 :: voice half Hibari, half Fon? They have the same voice actor you know! xD

    I like how you describe it! xD

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