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tales of the rainbow and other colorful stories

target 141

target 141 – Reunion

credit to EK (http://jumpercable.wordpress.com)
screencaps from whispering_eden with thanks
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summaries are dependent on Viz English translations.


At the end of the previous episode, Shouichi partly opened that large circle thing that houses the TYL versions of the Vongola guardians. Tsuna now holds the Vongola box he inherited from his older self, his first weapon box.

Vongola Sky Box 01But Shouichi explains that Tsuna can NOT open his box yet. Tsuna needs all seven seals of the Arcobaleno before his ring could open that new Vongola box. Now that we can see Tsuna’s box in full color, we observe that the box is orange, and has six little circles at the top, one for each of the rainbow colors.

[Manga chapter 253: ALL the upgrade Vongola ring guardian boxes, not just Tsuna’s, have this kind of opening, a large circle surrounded by six little circles.]

Reborn begins to explain. When Tsuna defeated Xanxus, Tsuna officially accepted being the 10th successor for Vongola leadership.

Tri-ni-sette 02Shouichi continues. The Tri-ni-sette is composed of the Vongola rings, the Mare rings, and the Arcobaleno pacifiers. They are interconnected. The Arcobaleno are the ones dedicated to protect that interconnection. Which is why the Arcobaleno seals are needed to fully activate Tsuna’s Vongola box, as Tsuna is the official holder of the Vongola Sky ring.

Tsuna does point out that Reborn is the only official Arcobaleno still alive (as a reminder, Lal Mirch is not officially part of the seven Arcobaleno).

So, Shouichi says, Tsuna has to go back in time ten years, temporarily, overcome the Arcobaleno trials, and obtain the seven seals. He has to go back along with the all the people who came forward in time with him (all the Vongola guardians minus Mukuro plus Chrome, plus I-pin, plus Kyoko, plus Haru).

Shouichi has to work out a few details first, so he advises Tsuna and the others to go back to base first.

He emphasizes that the travel back to their time is temporary. Everyone has to go back forward to Byakuran’s time, because Byakuran will eventually notice, and that would ruin plans. This includes Kyoko and Haru, and this pains Tsuna, but Shouichi says it is important to do this, if they want to defeat Byakuran.

Thank Goodness! 07[As is in the manga] Chrome asks Shouichi about Mukuro. So he tells her what Byakuran told him: that Mukuro possessed a Millefiore soldier, but Byakuran found out and dealt with it personally (killed him). Shouichi adds that he does not believe it, because Mukuro’s name never showed up on the deceased list at Vendice Penitentiary. He confims that Mukuro is alive. Chrome falls over, relieved.

Kusakabe asks if the TYL Guardians could be let out, as they would provide strength. Shouichi says that is impossible, because having the current and future versions would create a time-space distortion, which would make the world disappear. Their only choice is to depend on the current Vongola guardians, on the current Tsuna.

It will be impossible to defeat Byakuran in the past. Byakuran can only be defeated in the current timeframe, because it is only in that timeframe where they could seal his power.

[Also manga] Reborn directly asks if Shouichi is now joining the Vongola family. Shouichi asks in surprise “Can I?” and Spanner says he’s sticking with Shouichi, “Hire me, Vongola”. Gokudera, of course, protests. Reborn then turns to Tsuna for his decision, as the boss. Gokudera tells Tsuna to tell them what he feels and to say no. Tsuna says that he didn’t want to be Mafia in the first place, and he went through a lot because of Shouichi, but he does realize that Shouichi had a hard time. He allows him and Spanner to join.

Shouichi happily tells them that he now how to check that circle thing, so it can safely send them back to the past. Spanner will help out.

Shouichi reminds Tsuna about promises to return to base quickly, which sets off Ryohei asking about Kyoko (remember he just arrived and has not seen the base yet). Upon Gokudera’s advice (that it will take a long time to explain things to the lawn-head), Tsuna tells Ryohei they will explain later.

Shouichi summarizes: the goal is to travel ten years back, to just immediately after the battle for the rings (the Varia/Vongola ring scramble battles), draw out the true power of the Vongola rings, and to come back and defeat Byakuran. He promises he will deal with the remnants of the Millefiore.

The guardians and Reborn reach the surface, assured that there are no enemy sightings and no ring flames. They start walking back to the base, through the busy main street. Tsuna comments that they were all quiet, except for Ryohei and Lambo (arguing about missing some takoyaki). He is worried that while they do get to back home, they will have to return to the future, where more battles await them. He is worried how he will tell the girls and the others.

But just the sight of one another was enough to make them happy to see each other.

Those Drawings 012 Upon reaching the base, Tsuna, Yamamoto, Gokudera, and Reborn take it upon themselves to explain the situation to Ryohei. Tsuna starts, and we get a very quick rundown of the previous events related to the Future arc, particularly the Melone Base siege and all the fights in it. In their time, though, that takes five Reborn-napping hours.

Defeat Byakuran 015 Ryohei's Irie Doodle 013 Ryohei' Byakuran Doodle 014.

[Yes, Ryohei’s kiddie line drawings are given here. LOL!] Ryohei breaks it down to what he needs to do: Defeat Byakuran! Defeat Millefiore! A little more verbal sparring is had between Gokudera and Ryohei. Yamamoto inserts that Ryohei seems to have searched the WHOLE of Japan five times, worried when they started disappearing and not returning.

Tsuna is glad that Ryohei has made everyone more cheerful, that Gokudera is fine, that Lal Mirch is still weak but alive. But he still doesn’t know what to tell Kyoko and Haru.

[Also manga] In the mess hall, Chrome is not eating and fiddling with her chopsticks, as Kyoko tells her she doesn’t have to force herself to eat. Chrome quickly stands and excuses herself to go to her room, leaving in a hurry. Bianchi explains that Chrome doesn’t know what to do when people are kind to her. She never thought herself as one who could accept unconditional love and acceptance. All the niceness is a culture shock. Don’t change how you treat her, she tells the girls.

Mysterious Arcobaleno 019The boys come in for dinner. We are left with Tsuna contemplating what are the Arcobaleno trials.

——ranting stuff:

– This is the most unique solution I’ve seen on the anime-catching-up-to-manga problem. I hope it works, and I also hope this isn’t dragged on for much too long. I hope this stunt isn’t replicated by other series!

– Obviously this plan was in the works for quite a while, because this episode does manage to explain two gaping holes in the manga: (1) What’s with that odd opening for Tsuna’s box? and (2) When will Yamamoto and Reborn make good on that promise to tell all?

– I figure this arc was animated to take advantage of the colors. After all, we do need to see Tsuna’s progress in unsealing those colored circles.

– To those who were looking for Byakuran and the Funeral Wreaths, I suspect that will happen once they get back (after a minimum of 13 weeks!). Varia? I can’t guess at this point if they will or will not show up.


10 Responses to “target 141”

  1. Zat said

    I think it’s awesome you’re doing this. The only thing making it more awesome would be screencaps, but I guess you can’t have it all, and I will follow it like Gokudera follows Tsuna, yosh!

    It also makes it easy for me to be lazy and only see an episode when it seem interesting -w-

    It’s okay to make it more personal, btw ~ Hearing your thoughts only makes it more interesting!

    … I want to see it just because of Chrome. Should’t he have go back even further, to get to meet adult!arcobalenos?

    • Thanks so much.

      I have a deal with whispering_eden for her screencaps, so just be patient.

      Eventually I’ll be doing comments at the end of summaries, ala Random Curiosity, thanks for the feedback.

      It’s just on this ep, but I think Tsuna is meeting with the chibis, the current versions, not the original adult versions. But we will see the adult versions, since I understand Reborn will be telling their story. (I was actually wondering what Reborn would do, since he’s a direct ally but he has to be beaten too.)

  2. Zat said

    … I’ll try! ~ Looking forward it!

    I’m sure all of then would be delighted you refer to them as “chibis”. As “baby” isn’t humiliation enough for adult men (and women) ~
    I’m gonna get a major disappointment if a 16-year-old manages to defeat the best hitman ever existed. Even more let down then I was then Yamamoto, after, like, a week of training, defeats Squalo .__.,
    Kinda sad, it means ugly!hemlet!Skull.

  3. Saffron said

    There’s one thing that bugs me though. On that gold circle decoration on Tsuna’s Box Weapon, there’s wasn’t a circle for the Sky Flame. Do you think we’ll get to meet Uni’s Mother then? I would like to see that since the Gigilio Nero is becoming one of my favorite Mafia familiesXD

    • I suspect Luce or Uni will be the last one Tsuna has to deal with, after going through all the others, to finally open the box.

      I want to see more Giglio Nero too (and I little more information about that relationship Gamma had ^^; )

      • Saffron said

        I would like to see that too (More on Gamma’s relationship^^v). Though I don’t think I could take it; if Gamma turns out to be Uni’s Father. It just seems wrong, ya know?

  4. frank said

    ang ganda naman nito si no nag post nito

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