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target 142

target 142 – The Strongest Seven

credit to EK (http://jumpercable.wordpress.com)
screencaps courtesy of whispering_eden from Shinsen-Raws
give comments/suggestions/corrections as a comment to this post

summaries are dependent on Viz English translations

All screencaps for this summary are clickable for larger versions!

The opening sequence has been changed to show the Arcobaleno. [I like how they showed Reborn, yes?]

03 Skull 07 Lets Rock! 013 I See no Profit.

The Arcobaleno are shown. [This is the normal chibi Arcobaleno.] Skull’s armada is shown coming in from the sea. Colonello flies out with his eagle from the mountains.

At Varia headquarters, Viper creates a mental image onto paper of an X as Belphegor comes in, saying he knew Viper would be leaving soon. Viper says that it’s not a big job, there will be no profit from the job. Killing time, then, Bel asks? Viper will manage, saying that he (she?) never works for free. (It must be noted here that Bel is ALSO packed to go somewhere.)

018 Incognito 020 Lurking... 021 Sky.

Fon is shown in Chinese attire complete with cap and dark glasses, the macaque on his head. He mans a gyoza (dumpling) street stall. Verde is shown in an office filled with the drafts for the ring boxes, smirking.

The leader of Giglio Nero (the current one, Aria, Gamma’s girlfriend) is shown, normal-size, on a plane to somewhere. She’s wearing the orange pacifier.

In the future, the guardians (including Kusakabe) are standing around the circle time machine and ready to leave. Reborn pops out of a large box (anti-non-trinisette radiation shield box) slung behind Yamamoto. Reborn assures Shouichi that there was no problems getting there. Spanner says he is done with final checks.

Shouichi reminds the group not to reveal anything about the future while in the past.

029 AcceptanceTsuna was the one who told the girls about the situation (they could go back to the past, but they have to go back to the future again, and not tell about the future while in the past, to prevent a time paradox, in Reborn’s words) while in the mess hall, surrounded by the other people who do know the full story. He says he’s sorry, really sorry, but Kyoko tells him there is no need to apologize. Kyoko and Haru trust him. Tsuna kept his promise to bring them back to the past. In that respect, even if they have to go back to the future, Tsuna did a good job. Tsuna sniffles and wipes away a few tears.

Bianchi says her goodbyes to Reborn, telling them to give her past self her regards.

The girls wait in another room with Lambo and I-pin while the guardians are at the circle time machine.

Shouichi explains. A few months in the future time had passed since the guardians arrived in the future. However, only three days had passed, back in the past, between Tsuna’s disappearance and Ryohei’s disappearance. Shouichi gives them the alibi of being lost on a picnic, which should be enough cover for them.

The Arcobaleno trials will last one week. All seven seals have to be acquired within those seven days. Otherwise, any seals acquired will be nullified, and they would lose their chance to beat Byakuran. Shouichi will prepare for their return in the meantime.

042 NumbKyoko, Haru, Lambo, and I-pin arrive at the time machine. Ryohei and Gokudera acknowledge that they are ready to go, but Yamamoto looks pensive. Tsuna remembers that TYLYamamoto told them that Namimori allies had been killed by Millefiore, and Reborn finished that his father had been killed as well. The current Yamamoto would return to the present knowing that. But Yamamoto smiles at Tsuna, saying it will be fine. He does not know how much time they have left, but until then he would be a good son to his dad.

Spanner starts the process. The group disappears in streaks of light.

They return to Namimori’s shopping district. Hibari immediately goes walking off, and the girls quickly notice that Chrome is nowhere with them. Gokudera points to a construction sign for the parking lot of the future Namimori underground shopping mall (where the future Melone Base will be). They now have solid proof. They’re back.

056 SmileYamamoto goes home to their sushi restaurant, assuring Tsuna he would be fine. He immediately sees his father chopping up sushi. Tsuyoshi-san grumpily asks where he had been for three days, but says no more, adding that there will be a large group coming, could his son help out. Yamamoto grins and says “You can count on me!”.

Miura sniffles as she reaches home. The Sasagawa siblings say their goodbyes as well.

As they reach Tsuna’s house, Gokudera takes his leave as the kids run into the house. He’s really home.

[Cute in-betweener! Me like!]

They see little Fuuta is home. More proof they had come back. Tsuna tells Fuuta that they had been gone on a picnic for three days. Fuuta tells them Mrs. Sawada is drying out futons on the veranda. Tsuna is hesitant to see her again, after so long. But the little kids charge in, and Maman gives them a warm welcome home.

067 StoriesReborn is already at home and in her arms and jumps off so Maman could welcome the kids. It was Reborn who gave her the picnic story. Lambo insists on giving the real story, but fortunately Lambo is not believed and as takoyaki is mentioned he says no more. .

075 I Don't Need Your OpinionHibird and Hibari are (of course!) back at the school, and the current Kusakabe reports no disturbances in the school. Hibari immediately whacks at Kusakabe. You expressed an opinion. Don’t try that for twenty years. I’ll bite you to death if you do. Poor Kusakabe does not know what happened.

[Hibari is probably referring to when he arrived at the future, and he was forced to listen to Kusakabe explain the Genkishi fight and the weapon boxes in a few words, and he was forced to go by what Kusakabe said. Thanks to katongougakyuu.]

Gokudera strolls around…and immediately runs into a whiny younger version of Irie Shouichi! He scares younger Shouichi off.

084 LetterShouichi-chan gets home to find a letter in his own handwriting at his bed. He had already received a few similar letters. This one tells him to leave the ten-year bazooka under the floor of the Namimori Shrine, or else he has no future. Of course we understand what it means, but poor Shouichi-chan doesn’t, and he’s definitely rattled.

Gokudera makes his way over to Tsuna’s house, and he suggests a meeting about the Arcobaleno trials.

094 We're AlrightAt the restaurant, the father and son team are done for the day. After a long look at his dad, Yamamoto tells Tsuyoshi-san to sit down and he gives a massage. Did something happen, his father asks? He just grins and says nothing special happened. Tsuyoshi is suspicious, though.

Gokudera assures his Jyudaime that Tsuna could clear the trials with no problem.

0101 Bad OmensBut Reborn comes in, telling them that Tsuna is NOT the only one who will go through the trials. The Arcobaleno trials will test the power of all who hold the Vongola Rings, in other words, all the guardians, not just Tsuna. The guardians all have to be ready too. Gokudera tells Reborn, no problem, he still has the Vongola box, after all. Reborn calls him a big idiot.

The Arcobaleno are the strongest seven.

0105 Artillery 0119 Immortal Skull.

Colonello was part of COMSUBIN, the Italian attack force, an expert at snipers and heavy artillery, karate, and sambo (a Russian martial art).
Skull is a top-class motorcycle stuntman, known as Immortal Skull (the man who came from hell), he is currently the strategist for Calcassa. (But Reborn still insists Skull is his lackey!)

Back at the restaurant, Tsuyoshi-san gives his thanks for the massage, and Yamamoto asks permission to go out for a while.

He goes to Tsuna’s house, and tells them he’s interested about the Arcobaleno trials as well. Reborn continues.

0125 EsperViper, AKA Mammon, was a first-class psychic (Reborn used the word “ESPer”), who then added illusions to his skills. Reborn cites that if Mukuro did not help out in the ring scramble fight against Mammon, who knows what may have happened to Yamamoto, and who knows what will happen next time. .

0128 Champion of China 0131 The Mad Scientist 0133 Luce.

Fon (Fong) is a martial arts master, a champion of the martial arts tournaments in China for three straight years [and has an incredibly icon-able screencap, ohmygulay!!]. Verde, the mad scientist, despite the title is a top-class scientist, whose knowledge and skill are respected in the present. Luce (Luche) has the mysterious power of light. But Reborn muses to himself that Luce is currently missing (remember that in the present, Uni had not appeared yet).

None of them are easy opponents, and they all have strong special techniques.

And, lest they forget, Reborn is also Arcobaleno.

He leaves them with that as he walks out of the room.

Both the left-hand and right-hand men give assurances that they will get past the Arcobaleno trials. The fate of the future depends on them.

0138 Lal MirchWe are left with a view of chibi Lal Mirch, on Tsuna’s house’s roof.

————random ranting

– People at the LJ comm did raise this: If three days in the past is several months in Shouichi’s time, seven days in the past will be a lot of months, almost a year, in Shouichi’s time, wouldn’t it? I place this to the scriptwriter getting confused already by all this time-bending. lol.

– Confirmed: Fon is not Hibari, Hibari is not Fon. Can’t you just see a Fon/Hibari fight coming, though? I also think a Reborn/Yamamoto fight is coming, sweet!

– Some people at the LJ comm have already pointed out several problems with the explanations for the time travelling. Inconsistencies with this three-days thing and Ryohei’s looking-for-five-weeks thing. For now, the explanations are typed as they were said and translated. KHR as a whole isn’t the most coherently coherent series, after all. This is probably just an oversight by Amano-san or Artland or both.

– One way people are explaining this off is to say that Shouichi sent them back three days after Reborn or Tsuna disappeared, so it nullifies the five weeks of travelling around that Ryohei did, as well as nullifies the sequence of disappearances by the other guardians.

– The icon-able poses! Wai! Wai!

– Viz is currently using Fong and Luche. Don’t believe them! Amano just gave out the official spellings! ^^v

– Next week, Colonello steps up. Oooh, lover fight. This’ll be good!


11 Responses to “target 142”

  1. Zat said

    Still being patient about the screenshots ~

    Ah, I really hope they will include Mukuro in this arc. They will, probably, since he’s a rather popular character, but I still kinda really hope so >w<

    Poor Kusakabe.

    I'm a bit disappointed that they didn't show where Gokudera lives. Oh well, thanks for the review!

    • Come back in one or two days for whispering_eden’s screencaps. ^^v

      Mukuro will probably be in this arc. He’s been gone in both anime and manga for way too long, Amano is probably aware of that.

  2. Saffron said

    Okay, I have to ask (b/c I’ve been away from the computer for a few days), but I thought ShonenJump had the manga rights unless they gave them to Viz (then that would be really awesome b/c SJ translators have done a horrible job so far!!). So, someone please set be straight with this sitch!!!!

    Overall, I greatly enjoyed the episode and I can’t wait to see what Lal does to ColonelloXD Thanks for the summary!!

    • I’m not the most knowledgeable of the deal, but I understand Viz does have rights for English to KHR, that’s why they’re the official release (yes, I kinda know how Americanized their release is).

      You’re welcome. Let’s all be glad that whoever is doing the summaries for Viz for the anime, he/she’s generally doing a pretty okay job (better than the person who did the first Bel and Fran ep).

  3. Saffron said

    So Viz (same Viz that dubbed the manga InuYasha?) has acquired the rights to the anime KHR then?! Or is it the manga rights that they have??? Seriously though!!! I go on vacation for a couple days and I come back and find myself so very lost><()

    It is true though. The last two eps are much better than the beginning of the Italy Battle:) Thanks!!

    • Um, when the Crunchyroll release used “deathperation” and so many Americanizations in its subtitles, there was no doubt. But this isn’t very new news.

      Viz has clear MANGA rights to KHR (Reborn!). It most likely also has the rights to the English release of the anime (through d-rights), which is why it’s region-restricted. KHR however is not as marketable as, say, Naruto, so it’s aired on Crunchy.

      Viz owns the English Shonen Jump and Shoujo Beat magazines and the manga they sell under those titles. Reborn! is under their Shonen Jump Advanced line.


    • Let me clarify a bit more. d-rights is streaming KHR through Crunchy, most likely with Viz backing it up. If KHRanime turns out to be marketable enough, Viz will step up and release the anime like Naruto. Skip Beat, as a Viz manga, is likely also under this setup for its anime.

      d-rights also serves a few other companies like Gonzo, but nowadays Gonzo does its own talking with Crunchyroll.

      Crunchyroll has a deal with TVTokyo itself for the recent eps of Naruto Shippuden (such is why it has no region restrictions), but is using Viz translations, so Viz is also behind that release to some degree.

      • Saffron said

        Ah, I get it now! I understand why the fans are using Viz and not SJ. Alright-y then, I am good to goXD Thanks so much for clarifying the facts for me, it makes a lot more sense now:)

        Though I am disappointed with the KHR American manga tranlations. Grammar-wise it’s just terrible and the English major in me can’t stand it>P

        Thanks again!

  4. @Saffron

    You are not alone. That’s why I’m glad to see the Arcobaleno Trials subarc got a new translator. I still keep the disclaimer on top (I’m relying on Viz translations), but in general I don’t have a lot of misgivings or doubts about these current translations (beyond wrong names and ‘Eeek’ for ‘Hahi’).

  5. bidou said

    Hello there,

    This is a message for the webmaster/admin here at khrarcobaleno.wordpress.com.

    Can I use some of the information from this post right above if I provide a backlink back to your site?


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