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target 143

target 143 – Trial No.1 (The First Trial)

credit to EK (http://jumpercable.wordpress.com)
screencaps from whispering_eden with thanks
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summaries are dependent on Viz English translations

all images are clickable to larger ones, enjoy.


[Yes. We expect to get a few more clips of Gamma!]

04 Bad LamboAfter a few moments of recapping the last two episodes, we find Tsuna waking up the next morning. He is still making it sink in that he’s back in his time (my room…my desk…my bed). But the Vongola Sky Box is as solid as ever. He goes down to breakfast with the rest of his currently-large household. It’s all so daily-life back to normal, with Lambo and I-pin fighting over breakfast, Fuuta keeping the peace, Bianchi fawning over Reborn. Reborn (unusually quiet and serious) even reminds Tsuna that he has to go to school.

Reborn doesn’t exactly know when the rest of the Arcobaleno will show up, but they will show up eventually if Tsuna keeps on with his normal life.

011 Being WatchedHaru is okay, but getting re-used to not having Tsuna under the same roof (as in the underground base). Yamamoto is armed with the Shigure Kintoki. Gokudera is armed with the Sistema CAI boxes and two full hands of dynamite. Both plan to be ready for anything. The Sasagawas are okay, too, with Ryohei covering for them with the parents. From atop an electric pole chibi Lal Mirch is watching them.

(Around the point Haru leaves for her own school, check out Fon-sensei in his gyoza stall, watching the kids!)

In school Tsuna sees Kusakabe, with dressed wounds on his chin (the blow Hibari gave him last time). He remembers how much they relied on his future version then. Hibari watches from the rooftop.

Hana greets Kyoko and says she was worried about her. Kyoko thanks her for being her best friend, remembering Hana’s TYL version fondly.

020 Hime-chanWell, now, new anime-only characters! We’re introduced to transfer students, non-identical twins HARIYAMA Monta and Himeko, new classmates for the main threesome. Tsuna notes, softly, how they don’t look alike, and Himeko (Hime, the girl, who is the one in the screencap) answers aloud that they are fraternal twins. Tsuna does note that: she can hear me?! (Tsuna stays at the back of the room!)

Reborn is back to his lounge inside the fire hose keep, hehe.

Hana comes around with Kyoko’s backlog notes, and the twins come to them for help getting around. Kyoko agrees to help them out.

The boys hold a meet-up at the roofdeck, wondering when the Arcobaleno trials will start. Gokudera makes a good point: there may be more than one battle in any given day, and days where there are no battles.

026 Sense the EnemyThe boys perk up and sense a threat. Suddenly a bullet is shot at Tsuna. Three guardians get him out of the way and arm themselves. Lal Mirch appears, saying that the three guardians pass, but Tsuna does not..

031 SurprisedSlapping Tsuna around, she demands to know why he’s the Tenth boss and successor to the rings if he’s like that. Tsuna is still getting used to looking at Lal in the chibi, CEDEF-era form. (They didn’t see Lal back in the Varia battles, remember. They met her first in the future.) But Lal is only around as observer for the trials, says Reborn as he enters. She reminds that she is a failed Arcobaleno. She insists Tsuna is a pathetic wimp, something Tsuna remembers the older version also said. But if it’s not Lal Mirch, who is the enemy, then, Gokudera asks?

That would be me, kora! Colonello comes flying in.

033 Lal vs Colonello 038 Still aTomboy....

Lal and Colonello meet up and spar at each other (very well!) as the boys look on. Lal eventually wins, and she scolds her trainee about lowering his guard, and Colonello retorts that she’s still a tomboy. Nonetheless, he is happy to see her again. She blushes and tosses her head, saying she did not expect him to be the first trial.

Colonello will be testing for combat abilities. Of course, not at Namimori (under pain of tonfa death), but at the mountains, after school. He asks if Lal will be around as he flies off. Lal loses her cool but confirms. She blushes and repeats to Tsuna what was said.

Reborn reminds that this will not be easy. Colonello had defeated 1375 hitmen from another mafia family by himself! By Reborn’s count! The guardians give their show of support.

After school, Hana and Kyoko talk to the twins. They find out that their parents are abroad, but it’s no big deal, since according to Monta his father was a thrower and his mother was a screamer. The twins now live by themselves but are still settling in. Haru comes around and meets them, to find out that the boys had already left.

048 Devious RebornThe boys reach the valley/mountain area Ryohei trained at for the Varia fights. Ryohei and Yamamoto talk about it casually, while Gokudera reminds them that it’s important they get past the trials. Lal and Reborn (in a lounge chair with umbrella) are already there. (Since Reborn has no fight at the moment and he’s around as a spectator only, he’s chilling.)

051 Battle Lines DrawnAnd so is Colonello. The test: they have to take his 01 badge from off his forehead sash during the battle. The Sky Ring holder, and one guardian only. Lal explains that sometimes only one person will fight, sometimes several people will fight. The Arcobaleno each get to decide. [Thanks for the variety, Amano-san!]

After some grandstanding between Gokudera and Ryohei, Colonello chooses Gokudera to be Tsuna’s partner in the battle, much to the right-hand’s delight. The Storm guardian is to be at the center of attack, the “furious storm that never rests”.

Lal gives the signal, and the test begins. Gokudera activates the box for the dynamite cannon and charges in, without signals or instructions from Tsuna. He has the notion that he doesn’t want Tsuna to fight at all if he could handle things himself. Guardians and Arcobaleno think he’s stupid, because, Reborn repeats, Colonello is a combat expert.

Colonello fires a shot, Gokudera evades, but Colonello’s shot releases a net, a trap. Gokudera fires Flame Arrow which deals with that trap, but Lal says there are more traps in the area. It’s something Colonello learned while with COMSUBIN. Gokudera is quickly caught in a set of hidden rope traps, while arrows are fired at him. He is only saved by Tsuna’s interference with the Dying Will flames. Tsuna is in full Dying-Will mode.

But Colonello is not done yet.

A rock full of explosives are thrown at them. Tsuna flies to meet it (super-intuition doesn’t work with inanimate objects), but is saved by Gokudera’s warning (he noted gunpowder scent).

061 Maximum Blast!Gokudera unleashes his rocket bombs, but Colonello fires Maximum Burst (a rain-element attack, complete with rain eagle), which takes out all the dynamite at once. It’s his special attack. The Maximum Burst buries itself and splits the ground under Gokudera. Tsuna flies in and saves him. There is no point in fighting separately, Tsuna tells him. They fight together.

Colonello smiles and tells them, bring it.

——-random ranting

– So, two new people! There are speculations that the twins are either Viper or Mukuro illusions, or they are lower-level Varia, or they are disguised Varia. Of course they could simply be anime filler characters. We’ll find out eventually.

– Seriously, Viz, what is it with the “maggot” for “kora”?

– So it seems that Lal will be referee. Thank you for no Cervello, Amano-san!

– Next up, pineapple man is back in da house! Maybe?

– Finally, why do I have this feeling I’ll be doing these episode summaries for QUITE A WHILE?! Byakuran is far from done with whatever he’s doing in the manga, for one thing. Don’t worry, I’ll keep doing these summaries until they are done. I just hope it won’t be for much too long.


10 Responses to “target 143”

  1. Saffron said

    They probably put maggot in since they couldn’t directly translate “kora”. Oh well…Though I just LOVED the Lal/Colonello fight and I like Lal so much better than the CervelloXD I also apperciate the summaries and the random rantings you do every week; it makes the arc more interesting that way:) Thanks again!!!!

  2. Zat said

    IS MUKURO COMING BACK? ‘w’ -got to watch-

    … What a really lame way to battle, seriously. It’s like some form of training. Could’t he come up with anything better? But the screencaps makes it much more fun to read, thank you!

    The more I look at Hime, the more she feels like “okay, we’re sorry, no Longchamp”. Would’t it be awesome if Longchamp joined in? >w< I think the twins are going to play nice for a while, and then turn out to be eevil. That's just how anime works.

    Reborn, you slacker. :<

    • In the coming ep, yes, if only in Chrome’s head. But it’s likely he personally will show some time.

      Colonello? Since Colo is ally I suspect he does want them to pass with the least fuss. The others will give them a harder time.

      BTW it wasn’t lame, I just don’t describe well, that battle.

      The problem with Longchamp is he hasn’t shown in the manga recently, so there is no incentive to do to him what was done to Shouichi (suddenly put in that Lambo with Shouichi ep after the Varia arc, once they were sure Shouichi would be important to the Future arc).

      Reborn-san has always been a slacker, hehe.

  3. Aleanddra said

    thank goodness, she only blushed!



  4. Aleanddra said




  5. nia said

    that hime and monta is soo bel and fran in disguise

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