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tales of the rainbow and other colorful stories

target 144

target 144 – The Arcobaleno Seals

credit to EK (http://jumpercable.wordpress.com)
screencaps courtesy of whispering_eden with thanks

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summaries are dependent on Viz English translations

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KHRanime is back to its bad habit of recapping previous episodes for a few minutes.

01 Alone05 It's not what you think! 06 Chikusa.

Welcome back to Kokuyo HQ, ladies and ladies! At that deserted Kokuyo Health Land, we find Chrome hunched up in a corner, Mukuro-sama on her mind. She recalls what Shouichi told her about Mukuro still being alive in the future. But where is he?

Ken arrives and drops some snacks in front of Chrome before walking off. He finds Chikusa also there when he closes the door on Chrome. Chikusa notes that Ken brought a lot for her, which Ken defends with embarassment.

013 Where were youIn Chrome’s head, in her Nagi appearance, [a very iconnable] Mukuro appears, asking where she had been the last few days. She falters, so Mukuro just notes that she seems to have been through a terrible ordeal. He reminds her that he will always be beside her. Then he disappears.

Back to Colonello’s trial.

020 Guard 036 Crushed Tsuna gives the signal, and both he and Gokudera (on that storm disc) charge in. Tsuna delivers a straight punch, but Colonello blocks easily. None of Tsuna’s punches connect, and Colonello delivers one kick that connects and brings Tsuna down. Gokudera’s cannon blasts also do not connect. Tsuna recovers to fire a few more energy blasts, but nothing works. Tsuna flies off near a mountain, Colonello takes advantage of Tsuna being distracted and lands a straight punch, driving Tsuna into the rock.

035 SuspenseRyohei doesn’t understand: if the other boys had special training previously, why couldn’t they touch his master in a two-against-one fight? Reborn explains that their training only works if their hits land. Lal repeats that Colonello specializes in close-combat. Therefore, Gokudera and Tsuna are running in circles as Colonello toys with them. Reborn says: power doesn’t necessarily translate to combat ability.

Colonello fires Maximum Burst directly at Tsuna.

In town, Himeko treats the girls to…Fon’s meat buns! (ampan? we call it siopao)…as gratitude for coming with them to shop, and proof that they’re friends now. Haru takes a big bite, and Monta scolds her, saying she should hold back. Himeko apologizes that Monta tends to have a sharp tongue.

045 FrustratedShamal comes around and greets them, including the Hariyama twins. But Shamal gets suspicious for a quick moment, before brightening again and escorting the girls home, taking them away from the Hariyamas (who look rather mad). Shamal knows them, and doesn’t know why they’re in town.

Yamamoto, Ryohei, and Lal are worried about Tsuna after that attack, but Reborn is smiling. It will take more than that to take those two down, he says. We are shown the Sistema CAI shields surrounding Tsuna in Hyper Mode.

065 Storm Cloud 077 X Burner Ready.

Gokudera flies in and fires rocket bombs through the cannon, but nothing works. Finally he brings in that cloud/rain/storm mix laser thing he does, and that finally hits. Colonello disappears, showing up behind Gokudera. But Gokudera is just a decoy attack. Tsuna is ready with X-Burner. It toasts Colonello’s rifle.

Tsuna takes the 01 badge off a stunned Colonello. Lal declares the match over. Colonello declares his trial cleared.

Colonello and Reborn tell Tsuna to take out the Vongola Sky ring and point it at Colonello’s pacifier. He will now receive on Arcobaleno Seal.

098 Rain Seal RecievedThe blue pacifier lights up, shoots a beam, and brightens Tsuna’s Sky ring, along with the rings of the other guardians: the friends with Tsuna, Chrome’s at Kokuyo Health Land, Hibari’s at the school, Lambo’s at Tsuna’s house.

One down. The boys walk on home.

Each time they succeed in a trial, the relevant Arcobaleno pacifier will inject light into the Sky ring. Once all the seals are opened and injected into the Sky ring, he will be able to use it to open the Sky boxes.

Lal slaps Colonello around, telling him he got distracted by Gokudera’s flashy attack so Tsuna could prepare for his big attack.

0106 Lal and Colonello0107 Skull 0112 Don't Call me Viper.

Lal, Colonello, and Reborn walk home by themselves. Lal says Colonello will lose his life someday if he keeps on like that, but Colonello says, nah, he’ll survive. Or else it will make -somebody- sad. Lal blushes. Reborn, knowing a few things about the future and what happens to both of them, frowns.

They sense a threat, and point shotgun and rifles at a pole, with Skull behind it. Of course he’s there for the Arcobaleno trials, he says. So go give the seal to Tsuna, already, Reborn nonchalantly says. Skull says okay and runs off to do that…waitaminute! After Lal tells Reborn to stop teasing, Skull says that he won’t make Colonello’s mistake of attacking head-on, not make the first move, because he’s smart and will think up a plan the others won’t. But the other three Arcobaleno are gone. (lol) Viper fazes in, in front of Skull. Telling him that the name’s Mammon now, Viper asks what Skull wants.

Tsuna is home for dinner with the rest. Reborn maintains a no-comment position. Tsuna remembers Chrome, that she had not eaten much when she left them. He asks his mom to make some rice balls for him, ostensibly for a study session.

0115 A ChallengeNo way that is Tsuna, that climbed up the third floor of the school through the window, taunted Hibari to follow him. Clearly no freaking way. But it looks like Tsuna, and Hibari is interested, so he jumps out and follows.

[Some fangirls are making a big deal of the “Suck it!” that “Tsuna” did here. Imagine what you will, but that was quite the Americanization of “beee-dah!”, what Japanese kids would usually say along with the tongue-stickout.]

0118 Frightening ChromeThe same Tsuna illusion appears in front of Chrome and sternly asks where Rokudo Mukuro is. Chrome is scared and backs up to the wall; her boss is definitely not like that. “Tsuna” tells Chrome forcefully to make Mukuro show up, and hurry it up.

It doesn’t take long. Mukuro himself manifests through Chrome, a-kufufufu-ing. Who is bullying Chrome, he asks, and he’ll punish whoever was scaring her. “Tsuna” says go ahead, nonchalantly, and makes Mukuro follow him. Mukuro doesn’t like what’s happening one bit.

0124 And the Trap is SetThe real Tsuna arrives at the Kokuyo Health Land with Reborn, carrying a box of onigiri for Chrome. He runs into BOTH Hibari and Mukuro, both of them glaring at him. But the two bishonen draw trident and tonfa at each other, long time no see greetings all around. And that fight begins. .

0126 Guardian Showdown[I explain. Neither Hibari nor Mukuro were tricked by the Tsuna illusion, thus neither attacked Tsuna. And the two do have a score to settle, after all, lol. So they might as well put on the show that whoever called for them had in mind.]

————random ranting:


– I’m sorry, I really suck at describing fights, I’m really sorry.

– There have been a few complaints I’ve seen about how easy a win this fight is. Understand, Colonello is an ally, so he’s happy to give out his seal to people he already knows and respects, once the standards are met. I doubt it will be this easy in Reborn’s trial, or for Fon’s trial, though. Besides, Colo got a scolding for that defeat, hehe. Also, that wasn’t a really easy win. Both Tsuna and Gokudera used up a lot of energy in their attacks. The point is, this is the first battle, to get the audience acquainted with the system, and the author allowed them first win. And, I admit, the pacing was a bit too fast on that fight.

– One complaint is that Mukuro is acting out-of-character. I don’t think so, although the scripting does need work. By this point in the overall story Mukuro is solidly Vongola now, so it makes sense that he’s a bit more cooperative than he used to be.

– Whoa. Mukuro/Hibari tag-team fight next week!! Skull, you don’t know who you’re messing with!! Viper has a better idea, you crazy helmet-kid!


7 Responses to “target 144”

  1. Zat said

    Woah, you’re so fast with those! I actually watched this one – ya know, Mukuro. I think both Mukuro and Hibari was kinda too easy >w>, But Ken – the scene with Ken, Chrome and Chikusa was really cute, and I think I missed those a little too, without realizing it. It made me very happy to see them.

    I’m a little confused why Chrome keeps her Nagi-hairstyle in the illusion world. I mean, last time we saw her there, she had that hairstyle IRL as well. Hmn ~

    Whoever scripted this must really like ColoLal.

    Oh well, keep those going!

    • I guess the Nagi hairstyle is what Nagi really thinks she looks like. Her current hairdo, after all, is a concession to Mukuro.

      There’s probably a little more to this Mukuro/Hibari thing. At least I’d like to think that. ^^v

      • Zat said

        Ah, that might be. I’m truth to be told a little annoyed with her – in the manga she strengthening up a bit, but after she got back again she was being that frightened by Tsunaclone. But she’s still one of my favorite characters w>

      • Zat said

        Ops, seems like my smilies cut off the reply.

        Ah, that might be. I’m truth to be told a little annoyed with her – in the manga she strengthening up a bit, but after she got back again she was being that frightened by Tsunaclone. But she’s still one of my favorite characters ~

        For some reason I thought that Mukuro was being too mushy with her, then I realized that that was actually pretty acute, he is just such a bitch in fanon, never talks to her. I felt a bit ashamed that I’d let fandom affect my view of one of my favorites. Urgh.

        You have any idea what it is to it? It feels a bit like they’re throwing Mukuro in because fandom demands it, and let him interact with the characters fandom likes to ship him with .__.,

  2. @Zat

    Chrome had every right to be scared of the illusion. Tsuna had been completely and thoroughly nice to her the whole time. He never made the mistake of yelling at Chrome the way he once yelled at Haru.

    I also suspect that Mukuro being around is a concession to the fans (besides giving that nice seiyuu some WORK besides the radio show!), but one that Amano agreed to, not something Artland conjured up by themselves without asking. It doesn’t ruin whatever Byakuran did in the future to him, anyway, so it’s all good. Who knows how many letters she gets from manga readers and anime audience about Mukuro. Might as well concede, even temporarily.

  3. Saffron said

    I must admit I liked the little Mukuro and Chrome dream (?) scene!! I wonder if the double Tsuna has anything to do with the deal made between Skull and Mammon, probably. I hope we get to see Skull’s face in the next episode (he’s such a cute lil’ gopher)!!
    I also enjoyed the ColoLal scenes we are getting to see and for some reason I got a kick out of Hime by buns from a disguised Fong (sp?) LOL!!!!
    The only thing that worries me are the twins. If Shamal doesn’t like them, then we can safely say they aren’t here because they “just moved here”. I wonder who they really are?
    Thanks for the weekly write ups:)

    • You’re welcome.

      Gokudera also seemed to recognize those two, (then he harumphed, probably thinking “it’s just my imagination”) but back in that ep I didn’t think it was important, so I didn’t add it in.

      I seriously suspect that was Viper’s doing, the “Tsuna”s, under Skull’s orders (and payment!). Unfortunately for Viper and Skull they haven’t been around Tsuna long enough to know that Tsuna will die first before taunting Hibari, and will never shout at Chrome.

      I just wish Fon would show up more dead-center than what he’s currently doing. lol. This is so teasing the audience!

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