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target 145

target 145 – Guardian Showdown! Cloud and Mist

credit to EK (http://jumpercable.wordpress.com)
screencaps courtesy of whispering_eden with thanks

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summaries are dependent on Viz English translations


Yamamoto practices his swings and Gokudera walks around town (passing through a clear view of Fon’s dumpling stand) and stops at a convenience store.

020 Meanwhile Hibari is firing on all cylinders and attacking Mukuro. He had improved, Mukuro commends him, but says he won’t win. Reborn tells Tsuna not to interfere. Hibari has to win back lost pride, and Mukuro knows it, so the fight won’t stop until someone goes down.
015 018 023.

Skull doesn’t understand why Mukuro and Hibari are fighting each other, though. He expected both guardians to arrive and attack Tsuna together. Viper (yes, Viper was the “Tsuna” from last week) assures Skull that it was mission accomplished, and any fixes will require a surcharge. And, it’s Mammon, not Viper!

Skull falls behind Reborn and Tsuna. Skull gets a sound scolding from Reborn about not researching. All the same, the trial has officially started, and Lal arrives (courtesy of Colonello) and pounces on top of Skull.

Anyway, the trial will be for the Sky Ring holder, the Cloud guardian, and the Mist guardian.

027 028The lackeys in black arrive in droves and surround Mukuro and Hibari. Of course, they make short work of them all, one strike each. Both of them want no interference.

Chikusa and Ken come out and see Mukuro. He delegates the lackeys to them, as Mukuro (69) and Hibari (18) go off elsewhere to continue. [If you still don’t know those code numbers, go to Vongola101 and find the fandom codes page, now, now!]

[Before we continue this summary, here are a few more clips of the awesome fight I couldn’t describe here, thanks Eden:]

022 041 043 046 066 067.

[Back to our regularly scheduled programming.]

039 047 060.

Meanwhile Tsuna is whacked by…Skull’s humongous octopus! But he gets focused quickly and goes into Dying-will mode.

The Kokuyo boys have an easy time with the lackeys, as the 6918 fight continues in the woods. Tsuna hits the octopus’s head and immobilizes it. Ken and Chikusa also take a whack at it. Skull flails that it’s all going so wrong, Tsuna shouldn’t be winning so quickly. Colonello scolds him: Tsuna won against me, didn’t he? What do you expect? Finally Tsuna finishes with X-Burner VR.

[STOP! Tsuna time! Can’t touch this!]

068 071 072.

Tsuna flies off to the 6918 fight and stands between them to stop it. (His perfect timing results in an impressed “Wao” from Hibari and an impressed “Well, well!” from Mukuro.) They have no reason to fight and they were both tricked into coming. Both Mukuro and Hibari confirm that they were not fooled by Viper’s illusion. Mukuro admits he was bored back in Vindice so he went along with it, and apologizes for taxing Chrome. Tsuna muses about where TYLMukuro currently is.

Mukuro adds that he probably can’t stop Tsuna from taking Chrome to places he can’t reach, but requests that he take good care of Chrome. Tsuna promises without a second thought. Mukuro muses he must be crazy taking the word of a Mafioso now, but he has no more time. Hibari in his turn says it’s pointless to keep fighting Mukuro in that state (as Chrome, not the real person he fought with in the Kokuyo arc). Hibari says maybe Tsuna would fight in Mukuro’s place? Tsuna declines, of course, so Hibari walks away. Mukuro brings back Chrome.

0102Reborn notes to the other Arcobaleno with him, that Tsuna managed to make his two people who don’t follow anyone, to back down. Tsuna has that special charisma to him. Lal adds that he has a way of attracting people to him.

The trial was a test of charisma. Tsuna cleared it.

Skull is shoved forward to present his seal. Once again the other guardians get their own seals.

Gokudera was out having dinner alone at a convenience store when he got his seal. He totally missed the second trial, much to his chagrin.

Tsuna, being Tsuna, gives the box of rice balls to Chrome, as well as Ken and Chikusa.

0120 0123Meanwhile Skull tries to slink away, but Reborn and Colonello still know what Skull said about being better than them. Leon is converted to a mallet, and some off-screen revenge is had.

Back home in his room, Tsuna is exhausted, both from the two trials and from trying to appease his overly-apologizing right-hand man. Reborn however tells him that if he got tired out by Skull and Colonello, the other Arcobaleno trials are bound to be harder. The remaining Arcobaleno are far stronger.

0126 In a dark alley somewhere, Himeko asks Monta if he’s “done” with something. He is, and it was a good warm-up, he says. It’s time, Himeko says, and it’s all set up, Monta says with a creepy smile. It’s time for some fun.
0127The next day (a non-school day), Kyoko gets ready to meet Himeko for more shopping. She apologizes that she can’t be more helpful to that important thing the boys have to deal with. Ryohei tells her that she doesn’t have to do anything, that her presence alone keeps him pumped to the extreme.

Tsuna walks up to their ringing phone, and gets a muffled very Viper-ly voice telling him to go to Namimori Middle School or else something bad will happen.

Himeko meets up with Kyoko near the school. They walk off, Himeko with a very creepy (a MOST Italian-prince-assassin-ly) smile on her face.

———random ranting:

– THAT was a trial?! LOL! It was a totally fun watch, but it makes you wonder why Skull is Arcobaleno, ne?

– So it’s confirmed that the Hariyamas are extra bad guys. Awww.

– Bel comes out next ep, if the previews are anything to go by. So to those of you who were guessing Hime(princess)-ko and Mon-ta are Mam-mon and Bel (prince the ripper), plus points to you, I think!

– Discussion of the boxes will also be part of the ep next week.

– Viper is confirmed for next week. WSJ confirms Fon is next. So the last three are Verde, Reborn, and Luce. I can’t believe how nonchalantly Reborn is saying that the succeeding Arco will be harder, when HE’s one of them!

– Tsuna, Yama, and Ryo are up next. ^^v Cool!

– The filler-ness of this filler arc is most obvious in the pacing of this story, not in the story concept itself. Everything feels rather rushed. But why am I complaining, when the eps prior to the filler arc dragged too much?


6 Responses to “target 145”

  1. Zat said

    Bel is crossdressing. Bel is crossdressing. Bel is crossdressing. Bel is crossdressing. How very prince-ish of him.

    Tsuna is so familiar with his guardians! Hibari has gone from Hibari-senpai to Hibari-san, and Mukuro, he’s on first-name basis with no suffix attrached at all!

    I was really amused by Gokudera and Ryohei in this episode.

    • I should like to be told how Viper worked it so Bel won’t shishishi, definitely, if it’s really them. That grin sends chills down my spine, goodness!

      I guess Tsuna got used to calling Hibari with -san back in Melone Base. They were calling him just Mukuro even back then in the Kokuyo and Varia arcs if I’m not mistaken. ^^;

  2. Saffron said

    So, if we’re going in the order that Reborn was talking about the Acrobalenos (at the beginning) then I think after Viper should be Fon, then Verde and finally Aria will be last:) I can’t remember for sure though^-^()

    I wish we could see Skull’s baby face, but considering what his original face was like maybe it’s for the best we don’t see it…I also question his strength and his brain power. Maybe Skull was choosen for his resilience?

    I look forward to seeing Yamamoto and Ryohei fighting beside Tsuna in the next episode!!! Thanks for the weekly report:)

    • Someone noted that they’re going in the order of presentation in the opening sequence (and, you’re right, also the sequence Reborn talked about them in ep142)

      The order in the opening is: Colonnello, Skull, Viper, Fon, Luce/Aria, Verde, Reborn. In ep142 the first four is the same, then Verde, Luce/Aria, Reborn (“Don’t forget, I’m Arcobaleno, too.”).

      Obviously our favorite fedora’d one is downplaying what he’ll eventually be doing. ^^;; Out of all seven he’s the one who knows all the guardians in and out, knows all their capabilities and weaknesses. So Tsuna won’t win out of a surprise attack (like for Colonello), or because of a misunderstanding (like for Skull).

      Although they will have to explain to me why their Sun element is their strongest. In Vongola that’s Ryohei, in Varia that’s Lissuria, in the Funeral Wreaths that’s Daisy. They’re awesome, but their Sky ring holders are always considered the leader and strongest.

      • Saffron said

        I think it’s because those (for one reason or another) of the Sky flame seem to have incredible powers of insight. Luche was said to have a mysterious power of insight, All the Vongola Leaders have the Blood of Vongola. I’m not too sure about Xanxus or Byakuran, but then again I haven’t followed the manga too far in at this point.

        Wow, I completely forgot about Reborn being Arcobaleno^^() Okay, so he’ll be last after Aria! I can’t wait, the next few fights are going to be SO cool!!!!

  3. Blue said


    anyway, i just hope everythin’ will be fine inthe next ep.

    well, it’ll be!



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