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target 146

target 146 – Box Weapon Prototype

credit to EK (http://jumpercable.wordpress.com)
screencaps courtesy of whispering_eden with thanks

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summaries are dependent on Viz English translations


[WHY can I not use pronouns for Viper?! So annoying!]

On a very misty morning, Tsuna, Yamamoto, and Ryohei all meet up, all having had the mysterious phone call. Gokudera also shows up, but he came from Tsuna’s house, and didn’t get the phone call.

09Mammon fazes in. Viper hates being involved in something that has no money involved, but since Viper is Arcobaleno, there is no choice. Viper shows them Kyoko, imprisoned in a large cage.

Kyoko is indeed a hostage, the prize for clearing the challenge, Viper’s trial.

Ryohei regrets letting his sister go off alone, and Tsuna is already beating himself up if anything would happen to Kyoko. But Reborn and official referree Lal show up behind him. Just get out there and save her, Reborn says.

Reborn cannot intervene, despite being Arcobaleno, he has his own trial to give. As a neutral party, neither could Lal. The boys have to deal with it themselves.

The trial is for adaptability.

Viper would give out a series of riddles for them to answer if they want to save Kyoko.

Question 1: Where does a pig sleep? (Buta no netteiru basho e doko da?)

030Gokudera pipes up to help out, but Mammon shifts to Bianchi’s image, and poor Gokudera flops out as per usual, rendered useless. The trial will be for Tsuna, Yamamoto, and Ryohei (and wow, Mammon knows their full names!). All others have to leave.

As expected of two instinct-driven but not exactly intellect-driven guardians, Ryohei immediately goes looking for a pigsty while Yamamoto goes along with it, while both drag Tsuna along.

Tsuna answers the riddle, and they find themselves in front of a tunnel. This is a Nihonggo wordplay riddle: pig (“ton”, pork, like in tonkatsu) and sleep (root verb “neru”) combine to form “tonneru” (katakana for tunnel). Ryohei and Yamamoto are impressed, but Tsuna sweatdrops, because he answered a simple grade-school-level wordplay riddle.

They enter the tunnel, wondering why no cars are passing. Viper appears, saying illusions have kept the tunnel blocked during the trial.

041 045Experiment 1. Viper releases a series of balls and lets them bounce off the walls of the tunnel. Ryohei deflects one, but it bounces off to hit him on the cheek. .

050Elsewhere, Kyoko seems to be perfectly fine and shopping with Himeko. Kyoko raises up a purple-striped long-sleeved shirt (also known as Bel’s standard shirt!). Himeko (FINALLY CONFIRMS OUR SUSPICIONS OF A CROSSDRESSING VARIA MEMBER) and shishishi’s, saying it suits her style.

While the boys figure out what to do with the balls, Viper lists down observations about the property of the balls in a notebook. Better and more balls are needed. Billiard balls, perhaps? (So Viper is probably testing what eventually becomes Gamma’s weapons.)

055Viper’s trial is also helping Verde test out a new weapon. As usual Viper was only interested in getting a little money out of Verde when Viper agreed to help out. But if the box weapons work out, maybe some of them could be sold for profit. The trial is partly an experiment for market value.

Yamamoto finally clears them out of the challenge by slicing the balls in half. The first stage is cleared.

Question 2: There’s a flipped alligator (hikkurikaeshi ni wani, upside-down alligator) in Sawada Tsunayoshi’s house. Where is it?

Of course Tsuna doesn’t keep an alligator, but they go off to his house.

Reborn is righteously pissed at Viper for some reason.

Tsuna seriously asks his mother where they have an alligator. Nana of course says they don’t have one. Lambo pipes in that wani-wani’s (gator-gators) are in the zoo, not at their house.

Another wordplay riddle. A reversed “wani” (alligator) is a “niwa” (lawn), and Tsuna’s house does have one.

078An alligator illusion does appear on their backyard lawn for a while, which Ryohei wrestles with until it melts away. Viper calmly notes that the illusion can’t seem to keep shape for a long time, as an experiment observation.

Reborn sternly asks where Viper got the ring box prototype, but Viper just tells him Reborn will have to pay for the information. The second stage is cleared.

Final stage: Kyoko is at Namimori Shrine, Viper says, but could they reach there in one piece?

Reborn BTW explains the gator illusion off to Nana as his own, and Nana seems to take it. Also, the real Bianchi has found her unconscious brother and brought him to Tsuna’s house.

Viper unleashes Viper Mirage, plunging most of the town into an illusion, making the boys run in circles and mazes.

Tsuna is starting to despair, Ryohei is already panicking for his sister. Yamamoto however tells them to calm down. Remembering how he thoroughly lost to Genkishi’s illusions, he tells them that panicking will just make them lose sight of the big picture.

0111Yamamoto points out that the real Namimori is still around, under the illusions. The town is also part of Ryohei’s jogging route (roadwork, it’s part of boxing training), so he blindfolds himself and trusts his body to remember his jogging route. He runs, correctly, straight through an illusion wall.

0119In town, also misty from Viper Mirage, Kyoko is having afternoon tea with Himeko, wondering if she just heard her brother calling her. Himeko allays her fears for a while.

The boys reach the shrine, to find Kyoko at the entrance. But it’s an illusion, and Mammon flies off, sounding exactly like Kyoko. Viper shows them Kyoko with Himeko (until she changes shape I’m keeping her name), explaining that Viper won’t earn anything if unrelated people get involved. But now that Tsuna’s and Ryohei’s fears are calmed, they will now have to use full power on the final round.

0128Viper Mirage shows a large wave coming at them, temporarily drowning Tsuna and Ryohei until Yamamoto reminds them to be calm and that it’s an illusion. Viper opens the ring box prototype with the mist ring and releases starfish.

It finally sinks in with Tsuna: Viper had been using Box weapons. He wants to know why. Lal (at this point she doesn’t know) asks Reborn about the weapons, but he (he does know) doesn’t answer. Viper doesn’t answer, just observes that simpler lifeforms are easier to maintain as illusions.

0145Tsuna goes into Dying-Will mode. He will deal with Mammon personally while Yamamoto and Ryohei deal with the starfish. If they combine to form a large thing, that would make it easier, Tsuna reminds them. They’ve beat everything before this by working together.

X-Burner VR, Scontro di Rondine, and Maximum Cannon are brought out.

0150Kyoko and Himeko arrive at the shrine as debris starts falling, which Himeko spears at (with the trademark knives) without a hitch. Ryohei runs out to meet his sister (who also knows his jogging route) and Yamamoto correctly recognizes Belphegor, who just grins.

Lal says that Tsuna as the leader, successfully utilized his men (in a series of changing obstacles, thus the adaptability challenge). Viper regrets to say it, but Tsuna cleared the challenge, and Viper gives the seal. Three seals are theirs. Also, Kyoko is safe, and Tsuna is glad.

0164 0166Both Reborn and Tsuna ask about Viper’s prototype box weapons. Viper says they have started to appear around the Mafia, and Viper was asked to test them for a fee, by Verde. Reborn doesn’t like it.

—————random ranting:

– I’m grateful the translations were faithful in this ep. Such riddles are lost in translation.

– And here I thought Bel himself in full attire would show up. Awww, shucks. But the previews show his royal highness himself, hehe!

– That was a pretty good trial, thanks Viper!

– Fon-sensei himself is showing up, and it looks like Hibari will indeed be involved! The next episode looks to be really good, with a good share of I-pin drama.


4 Responses to “target 146”

  1. Zat said

    This episode was a WHUT. The trial where O-K I guess, but the way they solved it was so HI I’M A BAD FILLER it kinda hurt, really. But I’m glad to get some of Tsunas lovely mother ~ (Nana, be my mother too!)

    And what happend to the animation? It just… Dropped. It wasn’t that good before, but now?

    Next episode feels intresting, though! I hope Bel will show up in front of Kyoko and she’ll be like, “You saw me changing!” You are so princey, Bel, dear ~

    • I felt that more during the Skull trial, but I totally get your point.

      Maybe some of the budget for this episode got funneled to the Skull trial ep for Mukuro and Hibari, then for the Fon trial next week.

  2. maya said

    tsuna ve kyoko daha çok yüklermisiniz arkadaslarımla ben bekliyor olacagız

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