Racconti di Arcobaleno

tales of the rainbow and other colorful stories

target 147

target 147 – Catch the Wind

credit to EK (http://jumpercable.wordpress.com)
screencaps courtesy of whispering_eden with thanks

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summaries are dependent on Viz English translations


[The kanji for “wind” used in that title, is the same kanji for Fon’s name. So, you can also read the title as “Catch Fon”.]

[For consistency and to keep confusion down, I am sticking to naming him Fon, thank you.]

Tsuna, Yamamoto (with Reborn on his shoulder), and the Sasagawas reach Kyoko’s house, having brought home Kyoko. Tsuna is still worried about the box weapon prototypes. Seems like Innocenti, Koenig, and Verde have begun development of the box weapons.

01 013 016.

Lambo runs around, looking for a trial (well, a “chirin”, a tingling sound, “shiren” being the right word), as I-pin chases after him. I-pin has noted the ring in Lambo’s hair glowing from the acquisition of Viper’s seals. They show it to Gokudera, who is resting at Tsuna’s bed. Once again he chagrins that he has missed another cleared trial. The only thing Lambo gets is that he wants a trial! Reborn tells Tsuna to go get back Lambo, as the boss.

023 028Lambo runs off to the school, and Tsuna just manages to catch him. Tsuna promises he will tell Lambo when there is another trial. Lambo quits insisting and walks home for dinner. Tsuna looks up and sees Fon looking at them from the roofdeck (ala Hibari). He looks down at Lambo, then up again, but Fon is gone.

035 038Yamamoto gets home to Takesushi to find his father serving Belphegor and Mammon! Bel tagged along for vacation purposes, lol. At another seat Fon is eating too. Gokudera also sees Fon at the convenience store, reading something. Ryohei jogs around that evening and sees Fon at the top of the playground slide.

043 053The next day, Tsuna gets a letter, with an Arcobaleno seal. The guardian friends (who all want to help out in the trials) plus the little kids are already at his house, also staring at the letter. The letter contains a picture of Fon and the words “Catch me if you can. -Fon.”

The boys immediately and simultaneously say they’ve seen him. They quickly run off to get clues. I-pin sees the picture of her master. Reborn confirms that I-pin’s master is the martial artist, Arcobaleno holder of the red pacifier, Fon. I-pin hasn’t told Tsuna, out of loyalty to her master.

Lambo wants to come with Tsuna to find Fon. Tsuna doesn’t require the same of I-pin, feeling she doesn’t have to help catch her own master. But I-pin is quite distressed.

060 062 063.

Lambo and Tsuna arrive at the school again, Tsuna anxious of running into the disciplinary committee chairman and being bitten to death (it’s another non-school day; students should not be there). They meet Haru there.

Fon, Lal, and Reborn are at the roofdeck, waiting for them. Fon finally pops out of the cumbersome normal-human-size disguise.

[To those who were expecting him to sound like Hibari, by the way…he doesn’t. He sounds really REALLY dreamy, though!]

The trial is a test of leadership.

Tsuna notes that Fon looks exactly like Hibari, just smaller. I-pin peeks at them just behind Tsuna.

077The challenge: catch Fon by noon of the school clock (one hour). Members on the grounds may be used. But that would be Lambo and Haru, and I-pin hiding behind the bushes.

Leadership requires the ability to recognize and utilize the capabilities of members. (So the fact that Haru isn’t a guardian is okay in this case.)

The boys, meanwhile, have no luck and no leads.

Haru agrees to help out, and so does Lambo. Lal starts the trial.

They find him easily, but he jumps away every time they get close to him. I-pin looks on nervously, knowing this would happen.

0100 0103We get adorable I-pin flashback. Fon strikes a tree, telling I-pin to catch the leaves that fall. She doesn’t get any. The master, however, calmly lets one leaf fall on his hand without doing anything. The leaves follow the wind. If you forcefully move against the flow, the wind will change direction. If you follow the wind, move with it, the wind will come to your hand.

0117Thirty minutes left. Meanwhile Lambo throws a grenade to stop Fon. Tsuna throws the grenade out the window, and it blasts harmlessly, but Hibari does notice. They are still having no luck with Fon, and stumble at the hall.

0120Tsuna assures his discouraged people that they’re doing their best, but they have to work together. They agree. Lambo wants the shiny thing and make Tsuna happy. Haru wants to make Tsuna happy. I-pin looks on as Tsuna cooks up a strategy. She wants to make him happy too.

Fifteen minutes left. The plan seems to work, a few moments later. Lambo gives chase to Fon toward the art room. Haru is waiting for them there with a bucket. Fon predictably runs for the other door, where Tsuna is waiting.

0136 0141 0165.

But Hibari interrupts the trap. Fon and Hibari get a look at each other, and I-pin finally gets to see her master. I-pin begs her master to let her catch him for Tsuna, but Fon refuses. Master and student spar with arms and legs then gyoza-ken. He jumps away from the gyoza-ken, straight into (a Hibari-clobbered) Tsuna’s waiting hands.

They clear the trial at exactly noon.

Since I-pin was around from the beginning, she counts as a member. Also, if Tsuna moved from his place, he still wouldn’t catch Fon as he landed, so the catch counts.

0170Fon adds that I-pin wanting to help Tsuna so much also shows his consideration of her as a member. She has been writing home to Fon about how much fun she is having.

Fon gives his seal, much to the happiness of the boys (and Gokudera’s chagrin, missing yet another trial and being useless). Fon is also happy for I-pin, now able to communicate her feelings about others.

0189Hibari appears at the door, demanding to know how long they will stay. I-pin goes all crushing on him and activates the Pinzu-time-bomb. Some things don’t change.

————random ranting:

– I-pin is beyond adorable!

– No backstory?! Argh. I’m beginning to not expect backstory, but I hope Reborn eventually talks.

– Everyone expected Kondo Takashi to voice Fon exactly like Hibari, but I’m really glad he gave Fon his own voice and his own cheery personality.

– Hibari LIVES in the school?! Doesn’t he have his own place to live?! And doesn’t he have any other clothes besides in the collectible cards? LOL!

– Next week, Aria appears! Yay. By the way, this likely really means Reborn’s will be the last trial.


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