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target 148

target 148 – Two Successors of the Sky

credit to EK (http://jumpercable.wordpress.com)
screencaps courtesy of whispering_eden, raws courtesy of jigoku_no_hana

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summaries are dependent on Viz English translations


06The Vongola now have four opened seals. Three more to go. Ryohei isn’t even sure if it’s really important, if anything serious will happen if they don’t complete the seals and yet open the Sky ring box. Reborn seriously tells them while sipping coffee: the box might break if the seals are not all opened, and they could not beat Byakuran in the future if they don’t get all the seals.

There are three days left and three trials left: Verde, the Sky Arcobaleno they haven’t met yet, and Reborn.

Reborn says the Sky Arcobaleno has been missing for a long time now. Telling them why would mean revealing the secrets of the seven.

Tsuna remembers (FINALLY) and looks to Yamamoto. But Yamamoto looks to a Reborn who keeps looking out the window while sipping coffee. Yamamoto apologizes but refuses to talk. He will only talk once Reborn permits him.

Missing Sky Arcobaleno or not, the trial will happen, though.

013Haru and Kyoko arrive at Tsuna’s house unannounced. They introduce Tsuna to a lady in a red blouse walking around asking for Tsuna’s house. She gives her name as Aria (CONFIRMED!), and she will administer the next trial.

She bends down and whispers that Tsuna has two cute girlfriends. Tsuna then notices the orange pacifier of the Sky Arcobaleno, despite her being a grown-up.

The boys go down from Tsuna’s bedroom and also see Aria. Gokudera immediately goes on defense and lights up the dynamite. Reborn stops him in time, and recognizes Aria’s resemblance. He called her in.

Aria turns around and walks away with the girls, who promised her a tour around the town (it’s Aria’s first time in Japan evidently). She tells Tsuna to provide an escort. Reborn kicks him to follow the girls.

The boys want to follow, but Lal and Reborn call the trial as started, for Tsuna only, so they could not interfere. Reborn allays the fears of the right-hand and the big brother, saying the trial will not involve violence.

Aria asks to be brought to Tsuna’s school. (It’s the end of a school day, students have gone home.) She wants to see how Tsuna conducts his daily life. She tells him to enjoy school life and such when Hibari arrives at the entrance, telling them no students past school hours. Aria quips if Hibari is a friend, but Tsuna nervously leads all the girls away from him. Tsuna anxiously wonders if Hibari would return with them to the future.

046Next, the girls go to their favorite bakery, but there’s a half-price sale on a favorite chocolate treat. Aria pushes Tsuna in with the hordes of ladies, so he can get some for the girls. Aria then leads the girls away. Tsuna somehow does manage to get the treats, and follows the girls into a clothes store.

Tsuna still doesn’t understand why a shopping trip is a trial, but follows along. Two mafia-type people are keeping an eye on them, though.

051 052 Poor Tsuna is left carrying the purchases. The boys have also followed the girls and Tsuna, Gokudera especially wanting to help. But Lal reminds them with a shot that interference will make Tsuna fail the trial.

054At the park, Chrome shyly joins them. Aria asks if Chrome is the main girlfriend but Tsuna says no. Seems like the Kokuyo boys have left Chrome behind again. Aria presents a white blouse to Chrome, but Chrome doesn’t react in either direction. Aria tells Tsuna to replace the blouse with a pink one back at the store. Meanwhile Aria interviews the girls about Tsuna. They all like him.

Shamal comes around, but when he sees Aria of Giglio Nero, he suddenly backs away.

Tsuna returns, and the girls go buy juice for themselves and Aria. Tsuna frankly asks about her. She’s not a toddler like the other Arcobaleno. Does he think she’s a fake, she asks? He says no, he doesn’t get that feeling. Despite being sent around as the errand boy of the day, she’s a good person, he thinks.

He has honest eyes. As expected of the Sky ring holder.

070But while they are there they are are attacked by the men in the trenchcoats, all armed with box weapons of various attributes. They are NOT part of the trial. Tsuna goes into Dying-will mode and lands a punch, and the boys help out as well with their box weapons. Aria is impressed.

The commentators on the roof (Lal and Reborn) suspect Verde is behind the attack. Neither know why he’s doing this, why he doesn’t hold a proper trial. Reborn has no idea how Verde thinks, and he does not want to know. Meanwhile the attackers have disappeared, just as the girls return.

Aria quite suddenly takes her leave of everyone, looking at the time. She says she has an appointment elsewhere. She motions Tsuna to her.

The trial is for tolerance. He passed.

Tsuna did everything she asked, and protected her even when he did not know her that well. He has a tolerant heart, like the sky that covers all. Never lose that heart. She gives the seals.

Aria turns a corner and meets with Reborn. He apologizes for imposing the burden of the curse on her. Aria says she carries the duty in her mother’s place.


[Excuse this person while she KEYSMASHES ABOUT THE AWESOMENESS OF THIS MAN’S VOICE AND THIS MAN IN NORMAL SIZE FOR A WHILE. a;fja ksd nhfuiprvnpc rg;a! Okay back to summary.]

097 098In a cottage somewhere, a deep-voiced regular-size Reborn chats with an also normal-size pregnant Luce, seated on the veranda. He notes the important position she fills (Luce, as is Aria and Uni after her, is boss of the Giglio Nero family). Luce knows it, but it is her destiny (to be involved in the Arcobaleno program), and cannot avoid it.

Reborn doesn’t believe in destiny, but he understands her way of thinking. Luce doesn’t mind her destiny, but does not want to deliver her baby to the same destiny, as she pats her pregnant belly.

She can refuse, Reborn says. Luce declines. It is her destiny, as it is his, she will face it.

Back to Aria, who says to chibi Reborn that she will face her destiny. She hopes Uni, her daughter (CONFIRMED!) will grow up to be like Tsuna.

0103Gamma arrives in a car to pick up Aria. But she doesn’t get in the car. She still has an important thing to do. .

0106That night, Reborn seriously looks up at the moon, worried about things that could get ugly, as Tsuna calls him for dinner.

The next trial is with him.

———-Random ranting:

– Confirmed: Luce is Aria’s mother, Uni is Aria’s daughter. Also, that her name is Aria. ^^

– MORE OF THAT HANDSOME KEN NARITA VOICE LIKE BURNING PLEASE!!! Obviously I squealed like mad at the manga chapter 255 spoilers, but THIS got me keysmashing and squealing and omgomgomgomg!!.

Narita Ken by the way is best known for voice work as (that other swoon-worthy character) Sesshoumaru, from Inuyasha. He also was Jeremiah Gottwald for Code Geass. (I looked because while in the middle of the swooning, I kept wondering where I have heard that voice before.)

– Argh the animation quality is really awful in this one. Again I suspect budgets got funneled to the episode next week.

– Reborn says the next trial is Tsuna and all the guardians versus Reborn. Poor kids.


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