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target 149

target 149 – Reborn’s Trial

credit to EK (http://jumpercable.wordpress.com)
screencaps courtesy of whispering_eden; raw courtesy of AMZ

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summaries are dependent on Viz English translations


A few minutes of summarizing of the completed trials. [Tsuna has used X-burner THAT much?!]

They have cleared five of seven trials. One of the last two is with Reborn.

Reborn tells Tsuna to bring in ALL the guardians, including Lambo. He will be waiting for them at Namimori Island. Reborn then jumps out the window into the night.

Reborn runs into Aria as he reaches the gates. Aria wants to see the trials to the end. She directly asks if he will hold back. He has no such intentions, pulling at his sideburns. He quips that Luce made him realize that the sideburns were his best features.

017Early the next morning, the guardians (Yes, all of them, Hibari and Chrome and Lambo, too) go to the island by rowboat. All are concerned. Yamamoto is the most concerned, knowing Reborn from experience. In an all-out fight, he highly doubts they will win. .
026 028Everyone climbs up rocks to reach the main part of the island, where Reborn, Colonello, Lal Mirch, and Aria (behind a tree) are waiting.

Reborn starts the trial as soon as they arrive. Tsuna negotiates regarding (a still sleeping) Lambo, but Colonello reminds, the trials are not a game.

The trial will directly test Tsuna’s leadership abilities, if he is really capable of being a boss.

The guardians versus Reborn. All-out battle.

038 049 064.

Tsuna says he can’t fight Reborn. That’s why I keep saying you’re too soft, Reborn says, and kicks Tsuna to the cliff face. He faints from it.

Hibari attacks first, but is easily blocked by a jutte (thin blunt weapon)-Leon. Reborn jumps up, converts Leon to the shotgun, shoots at Hibari from the air. Hibari falls.

Ryohei next, punching left and right. Reborn dodges easily.

Gokudera and Yamamoto activate their weapon boxes. Chrome leaves Lambo with Tsuna.

090 094 0112.

Maximum Canon is easily jumped over. Chrome’s trident attacks are easily avoided. Reborn fires a separating-type bullet at Yamamoto’s sword and Chrome. Chrome falls.

Reborn rains blows, delivers a straight punch to the abdomen, then a right hook. Ryohei falls. Reborn says he did not fracture Ryohei’s chin, but you could see that he really could if he wanted.

Gokudera fires combination-ring-flame cannons, but Reborn easily deflects the dynamite and sends it back to Gokudera. Gokudera apologizes to Jyudaime and faints.

Yamamoto cannot find an opening, and the eight and ninth forms of Shigure Soen Ryu do not connect.

Lal notes: Reborn has not been this serious in a long time.

Lal goes into backstory mode.

0135 0136 0137.

Lal first met Reborn along with the chosen seven (I’prescelta Sette).

[As a reminder before I continue, Lal was part of this seven people, NOT Colonello. Also, THEY ARE ALL NORMAL-SIZE HERE. ENJOY!]

They were assembled for a job, and they barely knew each other, and were all wary of each other.

0141 0142Luce tries to be nice and offers cookies to Lal, but Lal says she doesn’t eat anything given by someone else. Skull gets one without a word. Verde is busily scribbling notes and does not get. Fon thanks her and gets one.

0158 0160Reborn says he doesn’t like sweet things. Luce offers espresso instead, but Reborn interrupts, saying she does not understand. Luce says she will drink it first if he doesn’t trust her, Mr. Paranoid Hitman. The paranoid hitman finally relents, rubbing his sideburns, and says he does love espresso. Luce admires the sideburns in turn, and Reborn goes into a face you will only see on a highly-embarassed Gokudera.

Even then Reborn was stronger than the rest of them. Decimates a boulder with a single shot, just to save Luce from it as it falls, if you need any more proof. (BTW, Fon is being sweet in a totally different way, jumping up and taking time to check on the swallow that might have been hit by that same boulder.)

Back to the trial. Only Yamamoto is left standing. His training paid off, Reborn notes with a smile. He attacks with Scontro di Rondine, but Tsuna wakes up as Yamamoto falls.

All six are down now. Only Tsuna is standing. As the boss, Tsuna should do something.

But Tsuna declines to fight Reborn. Reborn angrily reminds him of the future, of the girls, his mother. Tsuna won’t let the future happen. Tsuna does into dying-will mode.

Remember, Tsuna, Reborn says. You can never run from a trial, never.

Backstory again.

0182 0184At the top of a cliff the seven are assembled, looking at a bright light in the sky, with Colonello looking on from a distance. Reborn is steely but scared as they are covered in the light.

The conversion occurs. Reborn stares with some terror at his small hand.

0185 0186 0187.

They were transformed to babies, cursed to protect the pacifiers for an eternity. None could readily accept the situation, except for Luce, who had known all along (the baby seems to be gone from her).

0188He exiled himself for a while, finally came to accept it, and went to Shamal to have his past erased, and became Reborn.

Back to the battle.

Tsuna cannot get close to Reborn, and the guardians slowly come to seeing Tsuna fighting Reborn. Finally Tsuna connects and pushes Reborn to the cliff. He charges for X-burner.

Then he falters at the last moment, stopping the charge-up. The last moment Reborn would give him.

Reborn talks sternly. All the guardians are down now. Do you understand what it means to carry the Vongola rings? You lack the resolve needed to fight for your comrades and the world.

0205 0208 0209.

Reborn fires Chaos Shot, at Tsuna. Tsuna goes down.

Reborn cannot pass a person who is not fit to be a boss.

Fail trial.

————–random ranting:

– As I have said in other places already, this turn of events is actually understandable, and expected. Reborn wouldn’t be Reborn otherwise. It doesn’t make it less painful, though. Poor Tsuna.

– I actually like this aspect in KHR that people DO lose sometimes, and lose completely.

– Reborn so far has not said he will never give his seal at all, so take heart. He probably will. He’s not that cruel. After all, the Choice battles do happen in the manga and the guardians are awesome, right? Be more concerned about Verde, because chances are they will have to wrench it from him.

– Thank you for backstory, at last, but is that all we’re getting? More, please!

– And more Luce/Reborn PLEASE PLEASE!

– Verde’s trial is next, and Fon is showing up again, yay.


6 Responses to “target 149”

  1. Zat said

    Of all the trials – screw that, all the fillers – this was the by far most awesome. I’ve been looking forward seeing them adult almost as much as I’ve been looking forward seeing Reborn fight, and goddamn it this was awesome. I was kinda expecting them to, you know, be able to almost defeat Reborn, I almost squeled with glee when they didn’t stand a chance. And jûte! That’s one of my favorite weapons! Really fun to fight with, but I never expected to see them in Reborn!

    … But I was kinda disappointed that Hibari was the first to fall. I don’t like to see him humiliated.

    On the other hand, no Mukuro! I kinda really didn’t want to see him get his arse handed back to him. Glad he didn’t have to lose.

    And yeah. More adult. More Skull!

    This was the first filler I really really enjoyed.

    • You realize how tough that was to summarize? Tsuna faints…Hibari falls…Ryohei falls…Chrome falls…Gokudera faints…Yamamoto falls (and Lambo sleeps through everything, lol). Gyah. But that aside, Reborn was super awesome.

      Despite feeling sad for Tsuna, and wanting to give Reborn a hug for all the pain he’s keeping inside, I liked this episode too.

  2. Saffron said

    I really enjoyed (I can’t express my ABSOLUTE JOY in words) seeing Skull without his hemlet on!!!!XD Who would have thought metal and piercings to look good on a baby?!?!

    I also liked the small Lal/Colonello moment when Colonello stepped into the light:) Which raises another question: If unborn Aria is techinically “gone” from Luche’s body…does this mean that later on Luche breaks the curse?

    The next episode looks awesome, I can’t wait to meet the least mentioned Acrobaleno: Verde!

  3. Anonymous said

    Reborn’s Chaos Shot was awesome! No wonder he is known as the world’s greatest hitman!

  4. Laticea Lopez said

    Wow that was a good story looks look like reborn is on aria’s side

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