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target 150

target 150 – Closed Path

credit to EK (http://jumpercable.wordpress.com)
screencaps courtesy of whispering_eden; raws courtesy of AMZ

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07At a lighthouse at the island’s beach, all the guardians are in beds. Poor Ryohei is loudly analyzing his movements during the battle (I should hit like this or like that instead of like this…that kind of thing). Gokudera takes his frustration on Ryohei, shouting at him to shut up and stop what Ryohei calls visual training (the analyzing he’s been doing). Yamamoto tells him to calm down. He’s not the only one who lost. They all did.

014Tsuna wakes up and apologizes to the friends. Gokudera expected that the training in the future was enough. Yamamoto also expected the same, but realizes that Reborn had not been using full strength with him. Ryohei agrees: they could not touch Reborn at all. But how do they beat him?
021 030Shamal arrives, and scolds them to stop sulking, throwing canned food at Tsuna’s lap. Shamal, of course, is grumpy having to take care of them. (That care station at the lighthouse BTW is Colonello’s idea.)

Chrome is okay but still out cold. Hibari, after finding out Reborn had left, walked out. Lambo is also gone. The Arcobaleno are also gone. Shamal repeats that Reborn will not agree to a re-trial. They better head on home.

036 035 Elsewhere, Verde has the profiles of the other Arcobaleno on screen. He expected them to interfere with his research. He says they are conceited to call themselves the strongest, not when he always thinks ahead. There are many ways to defeat that strength.

He runs simulations of the box weapons versus the Arcobaleno. The simulations confirm that, at the moment, Viper was right and forms of higher animals don’t last long yet. Form will decay over time, as is the natural order. He simply has to overcome the natural order.

041 He increases voltage output to 100,000 Fiamma Volts. This sustains the box weapon animals (some of the box animals you’ve seen with Millefiore White Spell) in the simulation, defeating the Arcobaleno at their current stats, except for Reborn. But Verde says that’s just miscalculation on his part. The simulation is complete. (By the way, it’s really creepy, this. The Arcobaleno are really killed off by the box weapon animals in the simulations.)

As Yamamoto and Ryohei take a walk outside, Tsuna is worried. They have to return to the future the next day. At that rate Tsuna feels they would not finish.

049Irie Shouichi is back in our lives. In his room in the apartment, he takes out instructions to place the Ten-Year Bazooka under the floor of the Namimori Shrine within one week. If he does not, there will be no future. Shouichi is jittery and his hyperacidity is acting up, worrying about things that could go wrong.

051 058 054.
At the shrine, the other Arcobaleno who are not Verde are assembled, along with Aria. They’re not particularly happy about it.

Viper doesn’t know where Verde is either. They talked via video conference. The weapons came through the mail, the results were sent through email, Viper opened a one-time Swiss bank account for the payment. [So online savvy of you, Viper.]

069Skull says Reborn should have just let Tsuna pass, but Reborn says he is just being stupid. He orders for espresso, Viper for strawberry milk [what?!], Colonello and Lal for sports drinks, Fon for oolong tea, even Aria plays along and orders milk tea…all of this to be paid when Skull gets back. lol.

Skull aside, Colonello thinks the same. But Reborn is stubborn. They cannot go easy on them. The trials in the future…but he can’t tell the other Arcobaleno. Besides, the Vongola do not have his AND Verde’s seal.

Colonello wants to find and beat Verde to a pulp. Fon says no, there should be no infighting. Viper adds that Verde is needed for them to return to their original forms. All seven of them are needed.

At the moment the Arcobaleno can only stand back and watch as Verde gives out whatever trial he will; the Vongola cannot say no as it is. But that is unless Verde has violated the pact, and upset the Trinisette Policy. Then, they have no choice but to move.

Verde is still continuing the simulations, injecting dying-will high-purity flames with 120,000 Fiamma volts to sustain what looks to eventually be Squalo’s box shark. Box weapons can be sustained as long as there are dying-will flames. If he can get high-purity dying-will flames…he would need the Vongola rings.

090Tsuna and Gokudera join Yamamoto and Ryohei at the coastline just outside the lighthouse. Tsuna says he knows why he lost: he lost his resolve. The amount of dying-will determines if they win. Gokudera, reminded of Gamma, agrees: The difference in resolve manifests in the dying-will flames. Tsuna thought it was a training exercise. But Reborn was intent on defeating them.

093 0102The boys understand what he’s driving at: true resolve is needed not just to beat Reborn and the Arcobaleno, but to fight back in the future. It’s what Reborn wanted to tell them. The boys are ready to back Tsuna up for a rematch.

Just in time. Lal, Colonello, and Reborn are back. Tsuna asks for the second chance. Reborn is stolid.

Lambo is at home playing with I-pin. Hibari is back at the school, and notes an unidentified flying object (a Pawn Rocket). It’s one of Verde’s trackers for the Vongola rings. It tracks Hibari’s and Lambo’s in town, and the other five at the beach. That makes things much easier for him.

Verde unleashes Viper’s starfish, all-terrain tanks, Pawn Rockets (invention 1045) and Scarecrow Tanks (invention 2122), toward the beach.

The people on the beach all see it. Reborn tells them to focus on Verde’s trial now and stop worrying about his own.

Lal warns Tsuna that Viper’s moves never make much sense, and there is probably more to this than a simple trial. Reborn reminds about Viper’s box weapons from Verde. Colonello adds that while Verde is Arcobaleno, he is not one of them. He is willing to do anything for his research.

The tanks blast at the lighthouse. If this is Verde’s trial, Reborn says, the guys have no choice but to beat it.

01090110Tsuna goes into dying-will mode and flies off. The boys also take out Scontro di Rondine, Flame Arrow, and Maximum Cannon at the incoming tanks. Tsuna charges X-Burner and fires. One blast from the tanks hits the lighthouse tower, where Chrome still is. She wakes up as the lighthouse begins to crumble over her.

But the open fire at the boys continue. Colonello and Lal panic to Reborn. The Vongola could get killed out there!

0111Verde himself appears on top of a submarine. Colonello tries to confirm a trial, but Verde says that everything in the world only serves to help him complete his research. He could care less about the Arcobaleno pact. He needs the Vongola rings. Hand them over. He will destroy all who resist, including the other Arcobaleno.

0121 0122 0123.

Reborn goes into royally-pissed mode, converting Leon into the shotgun. Verde has broken the pact. They will move. Lal Mirch and Colonello also arm.

Pissed-off Arcobaleno is a scary sight.


———-random ranting:

– And once again Amano-san has made things unpredictable. Cool. ^^v

– Argh, Shamal! Please talk! Why did you not talk!

– Well if the next episode is called “Once the Rainbow is Complete”, that should mean a good thing! ^^v


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