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tales of the rainbow and other colorful stories

target 153

target 153 – The Final Seal

credit to EK (http://jumpercable.wordpress.com)
raws courtesy of AMZ

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summaries are dependent on Viz English translations


The episode immediately gets to work. Tsuna and Colonello put Lambo safely back on the beach as Verde’s submarine disappears into the sea.

01Going out of dying-will mode, Tsuna tells the Vongola he guesses Verde, while not in the submarine, is nearby. Completely out of dying-will mode, he wonders how he said that. It was just a feeling, more than anything. Reborn gets serious and actually backs him up on the intuition. Tsuna and Gokudera note that little island just a little offshore (it’s in the daily-life segments both in manga and anime).

02The Vongola and Arcobaleno go there. Sure enough. It is Verde’s research lab, and Verde is there. While he did not get the rings, he got some valuable data and achieved significant advances with his research.

Does he not care about the Arcobaleno curse, Colonello asks? Verde says the phenomenon is nothing so unscientific as a curse. Rather, he finds the curse useful to his research.

All the chibis state their irritation, but Reborn gets to the point: will or will not Verde give his seal, or will he fight them again? Verde says he has no intentions of fighting back; the data he got was enough.

05 06His part in the trials was a test for intuition. When Tsuna found the lab-island, he passed. Verde will give the seal.

He actually does, despite Gokudera’s fears, with no fuss and no tricks.

They have SIX seals now. Not seven. Only six? Verde looks at Reborn.

He has his own way of doing things, Reborn says. And it’s none of his business, Verde says, as his chair sinks into the floor along with his alligator.

The lab begins to shake. They make a run for it as the island sinks.

Back on shore, Lal states she will keep investigating what Verde is up to. [People will note that she is still doing this ten years later.] Reborn says he has other things to deal with and has to go.

09 11 12

Tsuna repeats the entreaty to re-take his trial. The guardians beg with him.

But more begging is not necessary. Reborn declares they passed. He asked if Tsuna was prepared to do whatever it takes as a boss to protect everyone. He showed his answer in the Verde “trial”. Reborn gives his seal with a smile.

The Vongola rings light up as all seals are acquired, they send a light out into the sky. Sparkles descend on everyone.

15Goodbye moments are had. Hibari walks off as Tsuna reminds him to show up at Namimori Shrine the next day. Fon says his farewells to I-pin. He will come back to Japan someday, until then I-pin should keep up training. Viper and Skull take their leave. Aria takes her leave of Tsuna.

17Gamma goes to pick up Aria, scolding his boss about going off without telling him where. [It must be noted that this is the first time his name is actually mentioned in this arc, sheesh.] Is he worried, Aria asks slyly? Of course he is, he answers with embarrassment. Aria gets in the car.
19Viper, well, Mammon, meets Belphegor at that alley we saw before. Bel had fun, being in a school (He’s never been to a real school it seems. Also this confirms their Hariyama stunt.) and eating sushi. But they have to go back, or they will hear it from their own boss. Bel confirms that Viper was Monta, as he teases that Mammon is no fun.

21 22Skull goes home in a little speedboat. He will return to conquer, he says. Verde promises to complete the box weapons, now that he has the theory all down now. Lal and Colonello talk at those hills. Colonello asks when he will see her again. Promise: try to be more ladylike next time. He flies off and tells her to take care.

The Vongola get home to Tsuna’s house. Bianchi is first to open the door…with its related effects on her half-brother. Nana has a feast ready for everybody.

Mrs. Sawada tells Tsuna about seeing the broken toys in the backyard and finding the kids gone. Fuuta tugs at his sleeve. He knows they’re all doing something in secret, but he shouldn’t ask right? Please to let him know once the time is right. (Which links to why the older version is in on the action.)

25 26 27

Yamamoto reaches the sushi restaurant. He takes a deep breath and walks in. This is the last time, after all, that he will see his father alive.

At the Sasagawa house, Ryohei finds Kyoko packing.

At Kokuyo Land, Chrome stays out of Ken and Chikusa’s ways. She goes into dreamland and talks with Mukuro there. If it’s about the Vongola and the Arcobaleno, and if she cannot tell him, that’s alright. At least she is safe, he says as he disappears.

Hibari is watching the night sky from the school with Hibird.

At sunrise the next day, Tsuna readies with the kids and Reborn. He promises to come back and looks sadly at his mother’s room.

31But Nana and Bianchi are in the kitchen discussing recent events, as they hear the footfall of the kids just outside. Bianchi notes that men rarely understand how hard it is for women to wait for them. Nana bravely smiles and says she’ll give Tsuna an earful when he returns. Fuuta watches Tsuna and the little kids leave through a window.

Chrome leaves Kokuyo Land alone.

32 33 As Yamamoto leaves his house, his father calls to him. He lies about early baseball practice. He truthfully adds that he has an important match he cannot lose. Well, then, give it your all, his father says. He bravely leaves, holding back tears. He will definitely win.

34The Sasagawas also start walking, talking about doing something for them, and doing his best to protect them. She remembers Hana for a moment. Hana seems to have liked the picture frame gift.

35 36The boys arrive and see the ten-year bazooka on the front steps of the shrine. Tsuna correctly attributes it to the younger Shouichi. Haru arrives too well packed with a large backpack.

Lambo, being Lambo, pulls I-pin and himself inside the ten-year bazooka. It shoots, and the kids disappear. Reborn tells the others to follow suit. Even if Hibari isn’t there yet? Yes. Tsuna and Reborn stay behind to wait for Hibari, but finally time is up and Reborn kicks Tsuna into the bazooka.

When everybody is gone, the younger Shouichi returns to the shrine and finds just the bazooka.

39Ten years onward, Tsuna and Reborn appear in front of the older Shouichi and Spanner, safe and sound. Behind him, the rest of the Vongola and allies are there and safe. Including Hibari. He came ahead of everyone else. Hibari is still waiting for another match with Reborn. Reborn smiles widely and says he’ll have it, one of these days.

Shouichi says that only ten minutes have passed since they left for the past, so whatever Byakuran knows still holds.

41Tsuna hasn’t tried to open the upgrade Vongola box yet, but Shouichi says that if he has all the Arcobaleno Seals, it should be fine. They will now prepare to fight Byakuran.

They cannot afford to lose. That is why they came back.

————random ranting:

– That was too easy a wrenching of the green seal after all the trouble, and that was too clean an ending. Oh well, better than no clean ending.

– New opening and ending starts next week.

– The episode next week will just be a summary and status report. A crash course in the Melone Base seige. I will watch first to see if summarizing from me is needed.

Overall impressions on the Arcobaleno Trials subarc:

– I liked seeing all the seven Arcobaleno. Fon-shishou was worth it, totally worth it. Seeing normal-size codename Reborn, squirming in front of Luce, was TOTALLY worth it.

– I admit to being disappointed, still knowing precious little about the Arcobaleno backstory. I expected info-dumping, and did not get it.

– I agree with many that the scripts and action in this arc could have been handled much better. That said, on the whole it was quite okay, it was not terrible. In places, it’s pretty good. Especially considering that in manga right now, the guardians are just given side panels, seeing them all get good airtime is a welcome change.

– I know this problem with outsourced animation is a problem not just in KHR (it’s a problem in Naruto too, I know), but really, Artland…get another outsourcing group.

– Do I regret doing this project? No. No way. ^^v


2 Responses to “target 153”

  1. Saffron said

    Thanks for the writing out all the summaries for the episodes!! I enjoyed it very much:) I also loved the random ranting section, hearing others thoughts and perspectives on certain events is a pleasant point of view.

    It is a shame we never got any more information on the Acrobaleno themselves, but at least there were some nice hints;)

    So, thanks for the writing (again)!!!

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