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target 164

target 164 – Vongola Box, Training Begins

credit to EK
screencaps courtesy of whispering_eden with thanks
raws from Leopard_raws (thanks to jigoku_no_hana)

summaries are dependent on Crunchyroll translations


TYLDino (flanked by Romario and another guy in a suit, and Basil) assembles the Vongola guardians in the practice hall. As Reborn’s first student, he is in charge of tutoring the guardians. Supervising the tutor, of course, is tutor fairy Reborn [retained from the manga].
[As in manga] Dino addresses Chrome first. He needs to confirm her intentions. Chrome is both Vongola and one of Mukuro’s people, after all. Will she be an ally in the battle against Millefiore? After several moments of silence, she nods. She wants to do better, become a stronger person. She thinks it will bring her back to past (back to Mukuro, Ken, and Chikusa). Dino is satisfied.

Dino reminds that Lambo also has to go through serious training. The power of everyone is needed to defeat Byakuran. Of course, with Lambo always running around being a five-year-old, Tsuna is worried.

TYLTsuna had given TYLDino some information on the Vongola boxes. Going with that, Dino proposes to have individual training sessions. Hibari, by the way, had already started training with Dino himself.

[As mentioned in manga]Tsuna has to stay alone and figure out how to properly open his Vongola box. The box user has to stay with his box, no matter what happens. Remembering what happened earlier, Tsuna is unsure. But Dino had just given the hint: Tsuna just has to stay with the box.

[As mentioned in manga] Gokudera has to teach newbies Ryohei and Lambo their weapon boxes. Gokudera is righteously pissed: is this Dino’s idea of tutoring, passing the work on to others? Why is he stuck with the extreme idiot and the stupid cow? But Tsuna is happy and finds it amazing: Gokudera is good enough to be teaching people now. This changes the right-hand’s outlook on it, and he promises to do his best. Despite both students not liking the idea, Gokudera goes into terror-teacher mode, saying he will beat it into them, because jyudaime wants him to.

[Also in manga] Chrome is next. Half the time will be spent using a program Mammon left, an illusion enhancement program. The rest will be spent improving combat skills, with Bianchi and I-pin.

Dino finally faces Yamamoto. He expected him to be down after Genkishi took him out, but Yamamoto is still cheerful. Dino tells him Yamamoto is on standby. Dino could not make a mistake in the teaching and mess with Yamamoto; the person who best understands Yamamoto’s talent is dead serious.

And speaking of that organization this person who best understands Yamamoto is from…

Bel throws daggers at a paper sketch of the Millefiore insignia, tacked to the dart board. Fran looks out the window. Bel asks where the strategy captain had gone. Lussuria answers: Squalo has read Dino’s report on the Vongola attack on Melone Base. Squalo rampages and runs off somewhere. Fran thus flatly comments no wonder it’s so quiet for the moment in HQ. Bel throws a dagger straight at the frog hat, which Fran as usual just takes out like nothing. For some reason Fran just noticed the quiet. Meanwhile Xanxus is making the castle quake. Nobody can keep the boss down when Squalo is out.

Levi is in the hospital, having refused help from Lussuria’s healer peacock. An injury from the boss was a medal he did not want to give up. Bel comments that Levi is madly in love with the boss, isn’t he.

Back to Dino and the Vongola. Basil will also be training himself and providing support.

Gokudera is already at it, telling the newbies to head to the library so he can lecture on the basics. Lambo ignores him, Ryohei just frowns at him and says libraries make him dizzy. The girls go off to train. Yamamoto tells Tsuna he will practice by himself while waiting.

When everyone is gone, [also in manga] Kyoko and Haru emerge from under a blanket behind the airbikes. They heard everything. The girls don’t understand a thing, but try their best to make sense of ‘Millefiore’ (millefieulle?) and ‘Vongola’ (that’s clam, right?) and boxes. Tsuna can’t keep them in the dark for much longer while the boys get hurt and practice so much.

In the boisterous stormy Pacific Ocean, a large something rams a ship. The something is a LARGE rain-flame shark, which scares the crew. The shark’s rain-soaked owner opens the door to the captain’s hull, asking if the ship is really headed for Japan, and demands for a ride. Yamamoto Takeshi! How could he have lost?! VROIIII!

Yamamoto, true to his word, is practicing his special movements and stances.

Tsuna is now in a practice room by himself. He starts up his ring flame, and the box starts jumping around again. So Tsuna talks to the box: if it runs wild again, he will use full strength to crush it. But the box just fidgets more. Tsuna remembers what Dino said: if there is trouble with a box weapon, the user has to stay with it. Still,it doesn’t give Tsuna any ideas how to deal with it.

In the library, Gokudera has made some progress, because Ryohei seems to understand the basic idea. Ryohei successfully injects ring flame to box and brings out Kangaryuu. He then orders it to kick Gokudera. The teacher is annoyed that Ryohei interrupted mid-lesson, but fairy Reborn intercepts. It was impressive of Ryohei to get it right the first time, and to get Kangaryuu to warm up to him immediately, after all. Much unlike the teacher’s own pet Uri, who pounces and scratches.

Lambo pounces on Gokudera,as well. Gokudera throws both Uri and Lambo down, and Lambo starts crying and wailing. This activates sparks from the thunder ring and illuminates the room. He keeps crying about baka-Gokudera as he inserts ring to box. The Vongola Primo box activates and brings out a very large bull. At which point Reborn takes his leave, leaving the two boys and their pets to deal with Lambo and his charging bull! It sparks the whole room.

Chrome is at TYLGokudera’s practice field, with Bianchi at the controls. She activates Master Grade Illusion Enhancement Program version 3.25. It immediately brings out a hologram Mammon, yare-yare-ing that Mammon did not expect anyone to try the program. If the program is cleared, Chrome becomes a full-fledged illusionist…if she manages to survive it.

Large rocks are thrown at her, disappearing midway and hitting her from behind. If she cannot even distinguish a weak illusion and reality, she does not stand a chance, Mammon says. Chrome tells Mammon that she wants to get stronger. Well then, they will continue. Try to distinguish illusion and reality, Mammon says, as spinning blades appear.

Chrome correctly judges fake blades and avoids real ones and strikes at Mammon. But the nearest one is an illusion which traps Chrome in tentacles. But that trapped Chrome is an illusion…and so is one behind a rock…one on another rock…and another one…Mammon is impressed.

As Tsuna summarizes, only this is left important to say: the library is left full of rubble and smoke, Gokudera restating the importance of knowing the basics, with Ryohei, Lambo, and Gokudera collapsing to the floor.

…………….random ranting:

– The mix of manga information and new stuff is good, in my opinion.

– The animation is still erratic in quality. Tsuna cannot possibly be that short! But Squalo’s appearance and Yamamoto’s practice sequence was good!


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