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target 165

target 165 – Boycott Declared

credit to EK
screencaps courtesy of whispering_eden with thanks
raws from jigoku_no_hana

summaries are dependent on Crunchyroll translations


[Majority of this episode is accurate to manga chapter 237.]

Ryohei, Gokudera, and Lambo emerge at the hall and meet Tsuna coming from a shower. Gokudera’s group is still smoldering. They explain what happened. Tsuna tells them that he stopped for a while, since he would get the same (sad) results anyway.

At least they get to practice with their boxes, Yamamoto notes, joining them.

Kyoko and Haru with Bianchi come from behind them. Both girls have firm and steely frowns. The boys ask each other what they did, but they all deny doing anything.

Haru gives it straight: We want you to tell us about the Millefiore, Byakuran, and the boxes. Give us more details about what is happening. Tsuna still tries to cover for the boys, but Haru continues. They know the boys have been keeping information. They have a right to know.

Tsuna turns to Bianchi, but she did not say anything. The girls found out themselves. Kyoko adds that they want to fight with them. Tsuna and Ryohei are stunned.

Tsuna is shocked to know Kyoko feels that way but he still does not want her involved in their dangerous world. He once again tries to cover: It won’t be for much longer, they would soon return to their world, could they have faith in them for a little while longer?

Kyoko and Haru look sadly back at them. They will now take appropriate measures. As long as they refuse to tell them the whole truth, they will suspend all housework and boycott the living arrangements. [The scene is directly taken from manga, down to their facial expressions.]

Bianchi, Chrome, and I-pin side with Kyoko and Haru. Reborn (I don’t know what he’s cosplaying, but it’s a girl), and a Giannini in drag are also siding with them, despite Fuuta’s best efforts. But Fuuta also walks away with the girls for beef stroganoff.

Tsuna huddles the boys at the mess hall. He says he still doesn’t want to get them involved. Gokudera, of course, sides with him, but Yamamoto feels bad about them not knowing. The big brother is worried about his sister.

They decide to keep training but also fend for themselves. But the first problem immediately emerges: Lambo can’t shampoo his own hair, and he wails for the girls and Fuuta.

The girls, listening in from the hall, feel bad for the boys, but resolutely stand their ground.

Yamamoto offers to cook, Ryohei and Tsuna would do laundry, Tsuna begs Gokudera to take care of Lambo.

But Tsuna puts in too much detergent. Gokudera has no luck with Lambo. The sushi looks edible, but with limited supplies Yamamoto made broccolli sushi and cheese/egg rolls and plum maki. Gokudera offers to cook, but the book nerd keeps reading his cookbook while whatever is on the stove starts blazing! This leaves everyone starving and living off cup noodles.

The training was not going well either. Tsuna’s box is still fidgety.

The girls are at the base’s public bath. The girls are sad about the boys, and want to give them better things to eat besides cup noodles.

If the girls expected the boys to give in, Bianchi says as she steps in, it’s not that simple. They went the girls to stay as they are. If they learn their secret, they won’t be the same people, and they’re afraid of that. Men delude themselves that the people they love cannot change.

The boys (who sneeze together at the mention) meanwhile eat at a messy mess hall and begin to falter.

Bianchi continues. The second reason for the long holdup is male pride. They believe that girls are meant to be protected by boys. Their pride won’t let them show the girls their ominous world. The thought is appreciated, of course, Haru says, but the boys have no right to decide for them.

Bianchi continues. Men are egotistic and illogical. They seldom realize how much they stake on male pride about their women. But a man who does not stake his life on his pride would not be a man. Reborn included, she says to herself, blushing.

Chrome and I-pin come out of the bath, Chrome having a long red welt on her back from the practice. She says it’s nothing compared to what the boys are going through. This strikes at Kyoko and Haru, who decide to at least give a temporary truce.

Lambo has turned traitor and is now munching snacks on the strategy room table with Fuuta. [And Giannini in a dress is really creepy.] Fuuta asks Reborn how long this will last, but Reborn says men are children compared to women, the boys won’t beat the girls…although a push might already be appropriate…

Tsuna meets Bianchi running in the hall. She says in a panic that Kyoko has run off to town because the boys would not budge. Tsuna goes off to get her back. Meanwhile fairy Reborn comes beside Bianchi, who are in on something. It’s a change of pace for Tsuna in any case.

Tsuna runs near the river looking for Kyoko and totally blaming himself the whole way. But Kyoko is alright and walking the lane. She just went out shopping, because Bianchi said it would be safe to go. Kyoko already plans to cook for everyone again. She says she and Haru will trust the boys again, they don’t need to be told anything.

No, Tsuna says. He’ll talk.

For the first time, he considered what the girls must feel, and realized that he was being selfish. There is a difference to knowing nothing, and knowing something is not being told. It was cruel of them to deprive the girls of information. He will talk to Kyoko now, then Haru later. Seated at the riverbank, Tsuna told her everything. Kyoko just nodded and listened. Tsuna is therefore unsure if he did the right thing. But she thanks him for doing it.

Kyoko asks about Tsuna’s box weapon in his pocket, the one that doesn’t behave and keeps resisting. Kyoko wants to hold it, but Tsuna thinks it’s dangerous. Maybe it just wants to be friends, Kyoko suggests, that it feels the same way he feels. Kyoko points out that when Tsuna is anxious, the box gets nervous and fidgety.

Tsuna is starting to get her point. The first time he opened the box he was also worried, thus the box animal was also nervous, rejected Tsuna, and thus attacked. And the more Tsuna rejected it, it grew stronger. So the box animal mirrors what was in his heart?

………….random ranting:

– The anime version of the bathing scene is actually less than its equivalent in the manga. Also, obviously chapter 237 has been a while, and I’ve forgotten the bath scene. This is good for KHR anime, of course, that the Arcobaleno trials subarc has given the manga some distance.

– Someone make me stop seeing 3851, please. (It’s not in this ep, it’s in the trailer for the next one.) ^^;;;


2 Responses to “target 165”

  1. Caramel said

    Reborn’s wearing the same costume as Tsuna and Naito Longchamp went bowling. http://www.onemanga.com/Katekyo_Hitman_Reborn/47/07/

    I lol’d at Fuuta wearing a bow, I didn’t catch that when I read the manga.

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