Racconti di Arcobaleno

tales of the rainbow and other colorful stories

target 178

target 178 – The Primo Family arrives!

credit to EK
summaries dependent on Crunchyroll translations


From the recap episode last week, Reborn was chatting with Lal Mirch. The whole conversation is a recap of Choice-related events which I shall not repeat here. But Reborn said toward the end that he and several other crazy people have a plan in mind to improve the boys before they face Byakuran again. And by crazy people, he means the Arcobaleno.

Uni comes in. She approaches Lal and holds her hand, asking permission. Lal agrees, saying the Vongola boys are in Uni’s and Reborn’s hands now. Uni smiles and begs leave. They leave the four inactive pacifiers [owned by Fon, Viper, Skull, Verde] and Uni’s active pacifier with Lal. [Reborn’s is active. Colonello’s is also inactive but is with Lal. There are only two active pacifiers out of seven.]

Uni is not sure the plan will work. Reborn assures her, that it is the only plan they have.

Tsuna meets up with Reborn to ask about Lal, but Reborn tells him that the Choice defeat means they don’t have what it takes to beat Byakuran at the moment. Same goes with the guardians; they need to find out what it means to be a guardian. They will need tutors. Thus, Reborn calls for an emergency meeting of everyone from the past. They will meet at the circle thingy, Shouichi’s time-transport device.


The group collects. The girls have dressed Uni up in different and nice clothes, to help her blend in outside.

Spanner greets the group as they arrive at the transport device. He says he restored it to the original state. They will begin.

Another return to the past.

[I will not question this plot device and it’s implications in the manga at the moment….]

Hibari is also with the group (Dino had prodded him to come, it seems), but Reborn is not there, as the group is phased back. Uni goes along with them.

They are brought back to the Namimori shrine, as Reborn pops up on his head. One by one the Arcobaleno (Colonello, Skull, Viper, Fon) appear around them.

Reborn says that by the current time they cleared the Arcobaleno trials yesterday. Such is why Fon is happy to see them all again especially I-pin ‘so soon’. Reborn came ahead to re-convene the Arcobaleno, to help as tutors. (Verde was also informed, and is probably watching in the area.)

The Arcobaleno notice Uni, and ask if they know her from somewhere (probably guessing if it’s Luce), but Reborn says she’s a friend, don’t worry about it, and the little guys sigh with relief. Although Fon says he probably should not be asking more.


They will attempt to do something that has not been done before in all of Vongola’s history. Reborn tells Tsuna to bring out his sky ring. Uni prays the the Vongola ring lend power to those in dire straits. If it does this, Uni will…agree to do something that happens later on in further manga chapters, which if you don’t know through manga you will eventually know.

The sky ring and the pacifiers light up. And a light form manifests.

Reborn introduces Vongola Primo.

[The in-betweener is COOL!]

Giotto (the Primo) directly asks Uni if she was the one who summoned. So Reborn explains: there is a legend that the Vongola rings hold the living will of the first-generation family, its leader and guardians. Using the pacifiers, they made a contract that enabled the Arcobaleno to manifest Giotto in bodily form.

Giotto has never agreed to the Sky Arcobaleno previously and never will again. The special conditions of Uni’s request made him agree. He is somewhat aware of the situation the Vongola Decimo, Tsuna, is in, as a response to Tsuna’s feelings. Giotto also says that the guardians have yet to inherit the true power of the Vongola. If the first group is to accept the tenth group, they will have to inherit this power of the Vongola. It all rests on if they will be able to accept the duty of guardians.

Reborn knows the drill, and he gives Uni a knowing glance that he does not explain. Each Primo guardian will come to each Decimo guardian to test their resolve. They will get a succession test, with Tsuna probably last. They will also observe their movements and actions. The Primo group has to accept the Decimo group.

Meanwhile [in a move I wanted from the trials], each Arcobaleno will pair up with the guardian of their ring equivalent. Gokudera with Fon, Yamamoto with Colonello, Hibari with Skull [LOL!], Chrome with Mammon, Ryohei with Reborn. Therefore Lambo is with Verde! It’s not sure at the moment if Uni will help with Tsuna, though. The little guys are allowed to coach but not to interfere with any of the Primo tests.

The Vongola kids are reminded to not reveal details about the future as they head home. They separate ways at the intersection and head on home. Tsuna goes home with Uni, Reborn, and the kids. Tsuna’s mother answers the door. Reborn says Uni will stay for the time being, and Maman agrees without question. Tsuna also introduces Uni to Bianchi and Fuuta.

Gokudera’s storm ring lights up and manifests a light form, and so does the rings of the others. The Primo guardians introduce themselves in turn (names and basic information as given in manga are here, from Vongola 101).

[Alaudi sounds nearly exactly like Hibari, and Lampo sounds nearly exactly like TYLLambo]

Back to Gokudera and G. G says with a challenging tone that Gokudera will have to prove that he has skills and guts. Gokudera will have it no other way. Pretty much the others say the same thing. Exceptions are Lampo who goes away after wondering why Lambo is a little boy, and Chrome who just stares at Daemon Spade.

Reborn gives Uni the pacifier that Aria holds, saying she too will be part of the Primo trials. Uni says that it’s not meant to be that she and her mother would meet in this time, and Aria knows the same. Reborn says that Uni will tutor Tsuna, and Tsuna overhears this. She should not let the other Arcobaleno know. We are left with Tsuna pondering about the tests.

Less serious summary with screencaps here from Headshotted.


Random ranting:

– Primo guardians AND Arcobaleno in my filler arc. And the story plotting looks pretty good, too! Oh, I am staying for this, definitely staying!

– Kondo Takashi is using Hibari’s voice for Alaudi’s, therefore the conversation sounded really, really weird, I could not tell them apart.

– It was really cute to see Yamamoto as a person much like Asari, and Ryohei much like Knuckle, and Gokudera much like G. I know some people are annoyed by this, but personally I like it.

– Next, training begins and Yamamoto gets the first trial.


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