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target 180

Target 180 – The Duty of the Guardian of Rain

credit to EK
summaries are dependent on Crunchyroll translations


Asari Ugetsu tells Yamamoto to return tomorrow night to the shrine, for another chance at receiving the inheritance. But that would also be his last chance.

Yamamoto arrives late for school the next day, telling people he slept in, but looking quite depressed.

As soon as he is settled in, the teacher announces a transfer student will join Tsuna’s class. Uni enters to everyone’s surprise. She tells them at break that Reborn told her not to tell the kids, so she can enjoy their reactions, especially Tsuna’s. Reborn himself is in school, reminding that Uni is Tsuna’s tutor. Kyoko is asked to tour Uni around the school. Meanwhile, Reborn talks to Tsuna about Yamamoto, that Asari said Tsuna would know the answer to the situation. But Tsuna is not sure that he does. Yamamoto seemed different, as if in pain, not his usual self.

Yamamoto is indeed still sad and wondering what he did wrong. Tsuna and Gokudera come up to him, Tsuna saying he’s been relying on Yamamoto too much, so he may have been putting unneeded pressure. Gokudera pounces next, asking why Yamamoto is beating himself up about it. Because he has not looked this depressed for quite a long time, manga or anime!

Meanwhile the girls walk in the rain to see Chrome at Kokuyo Land. Bianchi, partly wondering since when were Kyoko and Haru friends with Chrome, warns them not to go alone, saying there are strange people there.

The inner circle of boys also walk in the rain. Gokudera wants to think the battle through to know why Yamamoto lost, Ryohei says that if winning means failing it, why not lose it next time? Gokudera repeats that the tests are to prove that they have what is needed to embody a guardian. The Rain guardian clears up battles and settles conflicts.

In quite a long conversation Yamamoto does not say anything, and when he does he says sorry. He can’t think of anything, he says, as he walks off alone.

Fon, Reborn, Colonello, and Uni are tailing the boys. Reborn notes that Yamamoto has ‘dug himself into a hole’, what is the tutor, Colonello, going to do?

Meanwhile the girls have reached Kokuyo, and are met by Chikusa and Ken. But Chrome is not there, since the day before yesterday, the day they returned from the future.


Yamamoto is desperately practicing his sword drills while Colonello looks on, quite at a loss. Yamamoto’s father comes in with a lacquer box filled with sashimi of various kinds. He tries to keep his concerns away from his dad, but his dad notices the sad look on his face, which he sees when he looks down at his tea. Yamamoto finally admits that he is blanking. If that is the case, his dad says, ‘it’s not an issue of what you should do’, but what you want to do. His father heads back to the restaurant.

Colonello comes closer. Does Yamamoto know why Colonello stopped him? If he has not found out, he will not succeed in the test. And Colonello will not tell him, it is something he needs to figure out himself. He leaves him with that and flies off.

Yamamoto heads on to the shrine, late (Fon, Colonello, Reborn, and 80’s friends are already there). Yamamoto still has no answers, and neither does Tsuna. But Tsuna knows that he could not stand seeing the pained look on Yamamoto. If by pushing too hard he looks like that, Tsuna wants him to stop. I have no idea what Reborn knows, and neither does Colonello, but Reborn has a knowing happy grin on his face when this is said. Yamamoto apologizes for worrying Tsuna.


Asari appears. Yamamoto draws out his weapons and launches a direct strike with Scontro di Rondine. It is easily blocked by Asari’s sword setup. Heavy attacks are brought out by both sides. [Please someone help me with these new technique names!]

Yamamoto flies in for the final strike…but suddenly remembers what Tsuyoshi and Tsuna said. He stops.

That will do, Asari says.

Yamamoto deduces that Asari gave him those attack openings on purpose. Such a good swordsman would not keep using an attack that keeps his back open. Colonello confirms this is right. Asari says that he invented those attacks on the fly, just for that battle. It was a test if Yamamoto would attack a defenseless person. After all, it did not come from Asari that it would be a fight, it came from Yamamoto. Asari was just in the process of taking out his short swords, to probably show it, when Yamamoto saw it as a call to a fight. Yesterday he was more than ready to betray his heart and kill to defeat an enemy. But what would that accomplish? If the guardian of rain would dry up, the bond with his companions would become brittle and crumble.


The battle today was a good exchange between two good swordsmen, one both of them liked. Soon the rain guardians are chatting like close friends, in mid-air.

Yamamoto is deemed worthy to inherit the rain ring. The Vongola box is brought out, and Asari’s spirit fills it. It should come help in dire need, Asari says in closing. Yamamoto gives his thanks to Colonello, and the tutor compliments back.

Reborn then explains that [much like the Arcobaleno trials], each element guardian will be tested differently, there is no point in getting worked up.

Yamamoto asks for the circle group hug again, as Asari and G look on from the roof of the shrine. G could not believe that Asari gave him another chance. Asari chuckles. The tenth generation is much like them. Because indeed, Gokudera is chiding Yamamoto much the same way G is snarling at Asari, as everything about the inner circle goes back to normal.

Hilarious summary with screencaps from Headshotted here.

———————random ranting:

– Um…why leave the easy test to Colonello again, please explain?

– Yes, I loved seeing the Yama-papa knocking sense into Yamamoto once again.

– Someone seriously needs to help me with the technique names, so I can add them in to the website.

– Next test is with Lambo and Lampo. It looks to be a funny test, at least!


One Response to “target 180”

  1. Snap said

    Hey, snap from LJ, just driving by. =)

    This is just a theory but Colonello seems to be the type of person who knocks sense into people by throwing himself into the path of danger (ex: he tried to take on the Arcobaleno curse for Lal Mirch so she wouldn’t have to).
    Or the simplest explanation: He’s the RAIN Arcobaleno. Yamamoto is the Guardian of RAIN. Reborn seemed to think it was good to pair those who have the same elements for preparing for the succession tests.

    Also, sorry for being a grammar Nazi, but even if it’s a shorthand for Yamamoto’s name, you do not begin sentences with numerals. If you really have to start a sentence with Yamamoto’s name, spell it out completely instead of using ’80’.

    This sentence stuck out to me: “G could not believe Asari gave him another chance.” Present tense should be kept consistent all throughout the summary; in this part, it sounds like it’s directly quoted from the character (which it is, actually).

    Maybe “G tells Asari that he couldn’t believe he gave his successor another chance.” or just quoting G’s line in that part would be better?

    Another suggestion for improvement is to avoid starting sentences with ‘because’.

    Even though it’s now commonly accepted in contemporary writing, it’s still actually bad grammar; ‘because’ is a conjunction word that should really only be used to join two sentence to form one sentence. From what I can see, there is only one sentence and the ‘because’ at the beginning of it could be replaced with ‘Below them,’ (since the Tenth Gen. kids are on the ground), or just simply connect the sentence that came before it: ‘The Tenth generation is much like them because, indeed, Gokudera is chiding Yamamoto [in (I replaced ‘much’)] the same way G. is snarling at Ugetsu [and] everything about the inner circle goes back to normal.

    /end grammar Nazi mode

    OK, I facepalmed at the stupidity taking place in this episode.
    1) Yamamoto, WHAT.THE.WHAT.

    Ugestu just wants to (probably) show off how shiny his awesome four swords are and you take it as a challenge? The guy looks like he has to rummage in his sleeves for his swords (actually, it seems like Asari keeps his flute in easier reach rather than his swords; where the heck does he hide his long katana anyway?). (=_=;;) He probably wants to continue with a proper invitation that he will cross swords with him to test his worth as a Guardian.

    Since Ugetsu is (old school) formal and ancient Japanese in dress, manners and speech, it seems more likely for him to extend a polite and proper challenge to a sword duel rather than suddenly charging in for the kill. (BTW, Yamamoto, what you did back there in your first test was just downright RUDE and dishonorable by ancient samurai standards. (=_=;;) Ugetsu (if he was a hardened samurai) has the right (by rules of ancient samurai honor) to lop your head off for it if he defeated you back there, so be thankful he was the Guardian of Rain and he wasn’t that kind of swordsman.)

    2) Kyoko and Haru, way to go for being subtle. (=_=) Just when you’ve been warned not to say anything that would make people suspicious. Saying you’re now friends with Chrome when MOST people know that you clearly haven’t met her in your present time falls in violation of secrecy.

    3) What’s keeping Yamamoto up in the air? He extinguishes his swords’ Rain flames (which give him the propulsion for flight) during his after-duel conversation with Ugetsu and he just conveniently stays in mid-air just enough to have a long chat with his Primo counterpart. What happened to gravity? Animation team and story writers, you fail at physics in this episode. (>_<;;)

    But it was mostly a good episode. G and Ugetsu's exchange especially had me in stitches. (G looks like he's in denial that he's anything like his rude little brat of a successor.) I like their gold pocket watches. (^^)

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