Racconti di Arcobaleno

tales of the rainbow and other colorful stories

target 183

target 183 — Aloof Cloud

credit to EK
summaries dependent on Crunchyroll translations


Reborn spends a few minutes giving a short recap.

Another regular school day ends for our group. Gokudera recaps that so far the guardians who passed are Yamamoto, Lambo, and Gokudera himself. Tsuna was already told he would have the last test, so the next one should be either…

His thoughts are interrupted by the shouts of Ryohei, extremely jogging through the school with a cement roller as extra weight, and Reborn in Master Paopao costume as the trainer. Ryohei is tired of waiting, so he asked–well, Master Paopao–for some extreme training in the meantime, and Reborn indulged him. Hana comes around and wonders what is going on, but Kyoko (now already in with the conspiracy) leads her friend away and goes home with her. Meanwhile the boys continue the musing: the guardians left to test are turf-head Ryohei, Chrome…and Hibari-san.

And speaking of which, the head disciplinary officer himself shows up, piano-music a-playing, asking why are they crowding and who is making the racket, they will be bitten to death if they don’t stop. Gokudera explains about Ryohei (using full Vongola terms about the guardian test). Hibari uncharacteristically calms down, says whatever, telling the inner circle boys to make Ryohei quiet down. “Whatever?!” Gokudera shouts. What’s with the attitude? You’re a guardian too, you know, and you could be tested next! But Hibari still walks away, as Uni and the three boys look on.

Skull charges in, saying he’ll handle it. But like before, Hibari merely has to show the tonfa to make poor Skull quake in fear and make the quickest exit. (Good form! That will be all! See you next time!)

Meanwhile Ryohei is letting off steam by practicing punches at the boxing club, Kangaryuu being his sparring partner. Gokudera wonders if it’s a bit too late for boxing practice, but Fon says it’s not and Colonello adds that it’s part of the tutoring. Reborn is just letting him releasing all the pent-up energy, being so tense waiting for a test. After all it would not be good if Ryohei blew up during the test itself. There are different kinds of guardians, and Ryohei is better keeping his frank nature.

At the school roof Alaudi makes his appearance before Hibari, who brings out the tonfa. But Alaudi has no intention to fight, and it seems that Hibari is not even strong enough to warrant Alaudi’s attention! Much like Hibari, while he is a Primo guardian Alaudi doesn’t like being allied to anyone. But he has to deliver his test. It will not be by combat.

But if it’s not a fight, Hibari is not interested. He walks away.

Alaudi adds that he WILL let Hibari pass if Hibari meets the requirements. He allows the boy to choose the method of the test. Alaudi then disappears. Skull worries behind a wall.

Ryohei is feeling better for the training (despite STILL not knowing that Reborn and Paopao are the same person), so he helps worry over who will be next. It’s probably YOURS, Reborn tells Skull whimpering some distance away. Why is that tutor not with his student, anyway?

Skull ignores the attacks at him and worriedly tells the assembled crowd about what Alaudi said and what Hibari did. But among that group it’s Ryohei who looks most concerned.

Skull continues. How is he supposed to help a guardian who does not even want to try? But isn’t that your job? Gokudera screams back. Isn’t that the boss’s job? Skull asks them all in return, looking at Tsuna.

Tsuna decides that the inner-circle plus Uni will do what they can to convince Hibari. But Skull is pessimistic, they can’t do what he can’t do himself.

Tsuna and Uni go to the disciplinary committee office. Tsuna goes in and first tries the direct pleading approach, but Hibari is clearly not interested, not interested to be associated with them. A staredown occurs. Tsuna reminds him about Byakuran, but Hibari just draws out the tonfa and says he will not take orders from Tsuna, whacking boy and door out of the way.

Uni tries negotiating, Gokudera tries by threatening the force of Sistema CAI, but neither works, and Fon tells Gokudera to stop, that it would be disastrous to fire CAI on the school. Yamamoto and Colonello also try, but they too get nowhere. The situation with Byakuran is none of his concern and has nothing to do with him. He doesn’t need their power nor Vongola’s.
Well, since none of their styles work, Ryohei will now extremely handle the situation. Simple weak talk will not do it, he says, so as one of the eldest students in the school he will deal with it himself. Reborn doesn’t seem to be worried, though, and tells the boys to just let Ryohei handle it.

Ryohei quickly runs into Hibari, but he walks off as Ryohei chases after.

Meanwhile Reborn does that thing he does best and talks with Skull. Did Skull teach Hibari to ignore his guardian duties? That Hibari would ignore anything less than a battle royale should have been obvious. Therefore Skull should have a contingency plan for such a situation, right? (Skull doesn’t.) Otherwise he fails as a tutor. Once a lackey, always a lackey. Skull says of course he does have a plan and heads off, as Reborn grins.

While heading back onto the school roof, Ryohei is still extremely negotiating with Hibari, talking about being a man, that this is something a man has to go through, that the Hibari he knows does not run before stepping onto the ring. The others are worried, but Reborn assures them it will be fine. Brutally honest passion which dispels storms: it’s why Ryohei is the sun ring guardian.

Hibari whacks at Ryohei, saying he is too persistent. Well then, Ryohei will talk with his fists!

Before any actual fighting happens, though, Skull arrives overhead in a large blimp. Skull speaks while in the blimp that Hibari as the student should do what the tutor says. Incredibly that seems to work for a few minutes, but as Skull continues his crazy tirade Hibari looks away again.

But Skull has to prove his worth to Reborn and Colonello, as well as the other kids. By making Hibari listen, this is his only chance. However Skull is still plenty intimidated by the boy, so he openly says that he will look really bad if Hibari is the only one who flunks. Of course, Hibari doesn’t care.
But this means Skull is about to go into a rampage, the Arcobaleno say. And Skull indeed gives orders to fire the airship’s cannons onto the school roof.

NOW Hibari is interested, since it’s his school getting cannon fire. He fires up the tonfa with the cloud flames and deals with the cannons. Ryohei hates being interrupted and also helps with Maximum Ingram.

The other boys are worried, but Uni and Reborn tell them to just watch what happens next.

As more cannons are fired, the annoyed Hibari brings out box hedgehog Roll and ruins the airship along with its controls. All watch in suspense as the airship sinks down, crashing toward the school.

————–random ranting:

– Whoever wrote this script is insane. Seriously. Balancing three extreme characters was hard to do, I bet. It was a fun episode, and all three were handled quite well.

– This sequence also helps explain Ryohei and Hibari’s future actions in the end of the Future arc, so it’s a good addition.

– Also it seems that two guardians will be passed next week, which is cool.


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