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target 185

target 185 – The Trap is Set

credit to EK
summary dependent on Crunchyroll translations


The Primo guardians assemble at the shrine, arriving one by one as flames. They first discuss the successful test for the Cloud and Sun guardians. Then they all worry about the next test, for the Mist guardianship, by Daemon Spade. All of them don’t like him, and Giotto himself, appearing behind them all, is very concerned, peering at his own chained watch.

[By the way, and this is important, those pocket watches are slowly counting down to 12. I recall it was 12:15 during Asari’s test, which was the first. I can’t remember during Lampo’s. At G’s test it was 12:10. During Alaudi/Knuckle’s test it was 12:05. When Giotto showed it in this episode, it was 12:02.]

The Vongola head off to the Kokuyo base, armed with bentos. All of them are concerned about Chrome. But there is no reason to be frustrated if they don’t know the reason why, Reborn says, regarding that Chrome isn’t showing up. In any case, they do need to find Chrome, Tsuna says.

After a few more lines of worrying, they are met by Ken and Chikusa, on the road to Kokuyo land. Ken angrily asks if they’re responsible for what happened to Chrome last night. But when the Vongola are just happy to know Chrome is back, Chikusa explains and shares their own concerns. Chrome is acting weird.

The girls run off ahead, followed by the boys. Meanwhile Ken acts all tsundere about going to a snack shop, as Chikusa rats him out as merely wanting to get chocolate snacks for Chrome.


The gang goes into the headquarters. Uni is first to see Chrome huddled on the sofa. She does not respond much to anything the girls do. She is much too blank and drops a rice ball they give her. When she finally recognizes Kyoko, Haru, and I-pin, she suddenly starts sobbing, saying she does not want to fight anymore. She is too scared to fight. She is shaking.

Kyoko requests that Tsuna let the girls handle it. Ryohei backs up the request, Uni says she will stay with the girls. Tsuna finally agrees.

As the inner-circle boys talk outside, Ryohei opens up the option to leave the girls behind in the present. Yamamoto agrees to this. But Gokudera reminds that Chrome is a guardian. Yama adds that if Chrome goes back to the future, so will the other girls.

Reborn jumps off Yamamoto’s shoulder and heads off alone. He tells them he has something to do.

Reborn meets with the other Arcobaleno and tells them the problem. Skull desperately tries to prove that he did a good tutoring, but Colonello is as concerned as Reborn, ignores Skull, and wonders why Mammon [They’re consistently using this name, not “Viper”, so for the moment so shall I.] is slacking. Reborn calls out to the air for Mammon to show up. Snakes drop on poor Skull, but to Colonello it’s just branches. Reborn calls again for Mammon to stop messing with Skull and just show up.

Mammon does show up overhead. Mammon says he won’t do anything that would not yield money. Colonello reminds Mammon about duties as Arcobaleno, but Mammon says [Argh, inability to use pronouns is annoying. “He” as used here is arbitrary] that he did not remember signing that contract, then disappears.

Reborn finally makes the connection to the Primo’s mist guardian.

Tsuna, at home in his room, meanwhile considers about putting the girls in any more danger. And he wonders about a strange feeling he had.

Meanwhile Lambo has been lonely without I-pin, and as Tsuna’s mother asks for help with the laundry, Tsuna notices that the sun is setting and the girls are not back yet. Well then, let’s go check on them, Reborn says, and take Lambo too.

The other boys are back at Kokuyo Land as well, having been called in by Colonello, Fon, and Skull (well, the other two, and Skull reluctantly included).


Chrome is still sullen and depressed, no matter how much the girls talk to her. They hear Lambo and the boys going in, when the girls suddenly all get a bad feeling.

The headquarters is plunged in mist flames. Confirmed: the Primo mist guardian has something to do with this. Ryohei tries to penetrate the mist but is brought back outside.


Chrome’s image meets them outside. She has a VERY CREEPY face.

This creepy Chrome tells them that the Tenth boss is not deemed worthy to succeed the position. Tsuna forces Daemon Spade to reveal himself. Spade shows them that the real Chrome has fainted, and the girls are all trapped in an illusion chamber. He repeats: He does not think Tsuna is worthy to become the next boss, he does not accept any of the guardians.

The boys protest the statement. Tsuna does not know why Spade is doing this.

Headshotted’s funnier take on the arrival of who people been calling a watermelon (since Mukuro is a pineapple), over here.

——————-random ranting:

– The seiyuu for Spade is really nice.

– Poor Chrome-san. Although, it’s probably just a matter of time before Mukuro is forced to show. Next week, likely?

– I totally like the girl power in this episode.

– It must probably be stressed, what Viper said in this episode: Viper did not recall signing that contract. This means the Arcobaleno were chosen, they knew they were chosen, but the curse was not their choice. This would explain why Luce was weirdly but resolutely calm (she kinda had an idea, but was resigned to it), yet the other seven were confused and/or angry.


One Response to “target 185”

  1. Harlan Phoenix said

    This entire arc is great for countless reasons, but there’s something beautiful about R—face Chrome.

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