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target 187

target 187 – Memories of Betrayal

credit to EK
summaries dependent on Crunchyroll translations


The episode wastes a few minutes repeating scenes from last episode.

Tsuna charges but is easily blocked by his mirror image. Spade, though is happy to see his ‘unbridled rage’. Tsuna pulls back at the comment. But Spade tries to egg him on, that Tsuna should take out that rage on Spade, that Spade is the enemy and enemies have to be crushed completely. That would be the real mafia boss.

Gokudera counters for Tsuna while in the middle of fending off his own mirror image. Tsuna is generous enough to accept friends and foes. As a reminder, Tsuna did accept Mukuro and Xanxus. And that’s why he likes Tsuna as the boss.

But a soft boss attracts soft guardians, Spade says. He still doesn’t think Tsuna is worthy. He wants Tsuna to shed off the soft nature. Or he will eliminate Tsuna…like he did the Primo back then. Spade charges with a punch.

G protests once again about staying out of it. But Giotto says nothing…

..and our backstory begins.

The Primo guardians and Giotto stand in a large hall filled with dead or fallen people. In front of them is D. Spade. Giotto steps up and asks Daemon why he did it.

‘Why do you ask?’ Spade asks back. You should already know, he says, with a face we last saw on a power-hungry Mukuro. Along with his plans and true desires.

In the present, G tells Giotto to stop beating himself up about it. Spade was marching to a different drum from the beginning, Knuckle adds. Still, Giotto insists that Daemon is one of his guardians, and that his time may have also stopped back then, like the pocket watch.

He looks at the pocket watch, now at 12:02.

Tsuna is still battling with the mirror image, but Spade has a few seconds of faltering.

Elsewhere, I-pin tries to punch and kick at their illusion barrier, but the barrier does not give. Also the breathing air is giving out slowly. Chrome apologizes, saying it’s all her fault. But the other girls say it’s not her fault, that Tsuna and the boys will come along eventually for them.

The girls gasp for air for a while. But Uni stands up, prays, and soon it’s easier to breathe again. Kyoko looks up to see the Sky pacifier glowing. Uni can use her power for a short time to protect them.

Chrome stands up herself. She identifies Spade’s illusion barrier. So to break the illusion, they need willpower stronger than his. She does think of Mukuro-sama for a while, but she keeps relying on him. This times she wants to do this herself, to get stronger and save everyone. It’s enough to make a small mist ring flame. Uni smiles.

Outside, Reborn plans to assemble all the Arcobaleno, which he hopes would not take too long.

Colonello flies around shouting for Mammon to show up. Mammon does appear in front of his long-range shooter, maa-taku-ing about how violent he is. But that’s because you deserted us in the middle of a battle! Colonello says. Viper repeats: Viper only works when there is money involved. But Colonello says that’s just an excuse to run away.

Do you even think I’ll let the first-generation guardian beat me? He’s no match for me, Viper says. Prove it, Colonello says. Viper sighs and complies.

Fon runs at ground level. Then he stops all of a sudden, figuring that his target would watch nearby. He’s right. Verde appears from a disguised hatch behind him. So much for ‘flawless stealth mechanism’. Fon keeps his zen and says that if Verde wants to watch, he should do it closer to the action. Verde says that if it’s a menial job, he refuses. Fon smiles and says that if he does, he’ll miss out on something interesting.

At the Namimori middle school, Skull falters at having to call in the disciplinary officer, who is doing the rounds.

At the forest illusion battle, Spade disappears behind trees while Yamamoto stands in the middle, concentrating on the direction of the coming attack. He correctly meets Spade, but Spade says Yamamoto is just avoiding the attacks. Yamamoto doesn’t think a victory would be worth it. Spade goads him, that to know motives are unnecessary, that a sword is used to cut down enemies. But Yamamoto says that his sword has the souls of his father and himself. He has no intention of using the sword against his ideals. He has no intention of beating Spade, rather, he will find a way to bust out of the illusion field.

At the desert illusion field Ryohei ducks and dodges Spade while holding Lambo in one arm, which does slow him down. But Lambo is one of them. He will not lose, not before he saves Kyoko. Spade is losing ground in two fields already.

Uni has run out of power and kneels to the ground. Chrome has not given up yet, though.

Spade gives more of the backstory to Tsuna.

Within the mafia, they think Vongola Secondo took control from Primo by force, which forced Primo into exile in Japan (which is why Tsuna is Japanese, but you already know this). That is not what happened. Spade wanted the Primo to step down. The Primo, like the Decimo, could not get rid of his soft nature. ‘The history of Vongola is littered with conflict,’ he says, ‘It grew strong by crushing other families’.

More visual backstory.

Spade keeps talking while seated on the floor. The Vongola that Primo created has become greater than he could have ever dreamed. They should accelerate the process. Giotto is not fit to rule the current Vongola. G protests. Giotto stops him.

Back to Tsuna. Spade repeats: ‘You must crush your enemies in a display of total dominance!’ He attacks again. The weak will lose. Abandon friends if it is needed to win. Emotion is not needed.


Tsuna charges for X-Burner. So does the mirror image. But at the last moment Gokudera is shot at, and he flies between Tsuna and Spade. Tsuna hesitates on the X-Burner, not wanting to hit Gokudera. What I said, you’re too soft! Spade fires X-Burner straight at them.

Outside, night has fallen and Reborn is still alone. Fon arrives with Verde, Colonello with Mammon, Skull with at least Hibari’s armband. Reborn starts the charge to activate the pacifiers. They all light up, even Uni’s.
Mammon thus gets into the girls’ illusion barrier, meeting Chrome and telling her that if she fails, Mammon would look bad as Chrome’s tutor. Mammon points to a new crack in the barrier. Stop wasting time and break the weak illusion, Mammon says. Chrome takes it from there, stabbing the crack with the trident and making a break in the barrier.

In the sky field, Tsuna comes in with Dying-Will Zero-Point, first edition (so it’s not the breakthrough, I understand), freezing Spade’s X-Burner. This calms down Spade somewhat. Tsuna possesses so much power, but does not want to rule by strength. Spade does not understand.
Tsuna does know the Vongola bloodstained history. But, confirmed, he still wants to inherit the tradition. He wants the power to protect his friends, the power to create a future where he can laugh with his friends. If he can’t do that, he doesn’t want the inheritance. If that is the Vongola tradition, he will destroy it himself. He did say all this during that succession ‘ceremony’ inside Needle Sphere.

The Primo agrees. This difference is why the Decimo will be ‘able to walk a path different’ from his.

Spade asks if Tsuna can do it. Tsuna says he will. How, when he can’t even get out of the illusion field? Tsuna insists he is not alone, he has friends.


And the rest of the guardians appear with Tsuna, Hibari first. Hibari rampaged on the illusion fields and freed the boys. Hibari rampaged because Skull still has the armband, and Hibari needs something to bite to death. (Now that all is over, that would necessarily be Skull.) At the same time Chrome breaks the illusion barrier on the girls. Uni guided them to the illusion field. They all meet at the main hall, all fine.

Unfortunately Daemon Spade, while not expecting this chain of events, is still not done.
————————– random ranting:

– I don’t know what to make of the preview, except that if the rings are all lighting up that probably means something good?

– Need…more…backstory! ^^v

– Still no sign of an appearance by Mukuro, unless that quip by the chibi Mukuro at Kaibutsu Tsugai Tsuna means anything.

– Obviously this script comes from Amano-san, although goodness how it talks. And goodness the length of this trial.


7 Responses to “target 187”

  1. Harlan Phoenix said

    …IS the script from Amano? Like was she credited? I’ve always been curious since I can’t read Japanese.

    • Neither can I, actually. But like the Arcobaleno trials arc before it, the promotional articles that came out in anime magazines say that she helped with this arc.

      Also there’s a feel to the scripting of the backstory, and this episode on the whole, that you know Amano-san at least had a heavy hand with it.

  2. Harlan Phoenix said

    Worth noting, since I’m here: apparently, this episode was scripted by Akemi Mende.

    I’m crawling through the official Reborn anime site with my rudimentary Google Chrome translator to see if anything resembling a story editor can also been seen (or at least, the Japanese equivalent).

    • Thank you very much for the information!

      • Harlan Phoenix said

        Thing is, that info is cool but not super informative. I’m having trouble figuring out what the Japanese equivalent of story editor is. Any ideas or resources?

      • Harlan Phoenix said

        Wait, nevermind. “Series Composition” seems to be done by a fellow named Nobuaki Kishima, according to Anime News Network.

        That sounds like a story editor-esque position to me. If that’s true, he and each particular episodic writer probably have more to do with how the story was plotted than Amano (though with plenty of notes and supplementary information provided by Amano, I’m sure).

        But that’s only my speculation based on what I know about the production of Western animation (which I admittedly know a bit more about, since I watch that far more than anime).

        But I’m guessing if there’s anyone you want to thank for the writing of the filler arcs, it might be Kishima who is working from a bible-type document provided by Amano.

      • Harlan Phoenix said

        Last reply. I swear.

        The director of the anime is listed on ANN as Kenichi Imaizumi. I JUST REMEMBERED Crispin Freeman (a voice actor who works in this industry and would thus know this sort of thing) once mentioned DIRECTORS have more power in these sort of productions in Japan, rather than in the west where PRODUCERS have that power (which is what I was assuming).

        So he might have a lot to do with it too. In a show-runny kind of way, I mean.

        Hmm. There must be some info in English on how production works over there somewhere…

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