Racconti di Arcobaleno

tales of the rainbow and other colorful stories

Day tally

The Arcobaleno Trials are supposed to happen over the span of one week, so here I shall tally what happens on what day as the episodes give them out.

The Arcobaleno are more or less testing seven qualities of an outstanding leader.

Day 1 (target 142)
– Vongola guardians and friends arrive back in present time, all reach home without problems.

Day 2 (target 143-145)
– Hariyama Monta and Himeko introduced
– Lal Mirch meets Tsuna, Gokudera, Yamamoto, Ryohei
– Lal meets Colonello
Trial 1 by Colonello (Tsuna and Gokudera) – close combat
– Mukuro vs Hibari
Trial 2 by Skull (Tsuna, Mukuro, Hibari) – charisma

Day 3 (target 146-147)
– Himeko and Kyoko go shopping
Trial 3 by Viper (Tsuna, Yamamoto, Ryohei) – adaptability
– Mammon and Belphegor go chill at Takesushi
– Various Fon appearances

Day 4 (target 147)
Trial 4 by Fon (Tsuna, Lambo, Haru, I-pin) – leadership (delegation)

Day 5 (target 148)
Trial 5 by Aria (Tsuna) – tolerance

Day 6 (target 149-153)
Trial 6 by Reborn (Tsuna, all guardians) – leadership (decision-making)
– Arcobaleno meeting at Namimori Shrine
– Kyoko and Haru go shopping
Verde launches full-scale unofficial attack (Tsuna, all guardians, Arcobaleno) – intuition
– Arcobaleno assemble at the beach

Day 7 (target 153)
– Vongola and allies go back to the future, all fine.


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