Racconti di Arcobaleno

tales of the rainbow and other colorful stories

Other characters

There are several characters special to this arc but are not Arcobaleno, so this is the placeholder page for them once there is more information.

You will not find this page in Vongola 101. Similarly, the profiles for characters you already know are in Vongola 101 and will not be repeated here. I repeat Gamma and Shouichi here, but I will address their specific appearances in this arc.


– The current head of Giglio Nero (Black Spell under Millefiore in the Future arc) and current holder of the orange (Sky) pacifier.
– Luce’s daughter, Uni’s mother
– Byakuran gave her name in the extras to manga volume 25.


– First introduced in Future arc, head of one Black Spell squad. (Lightning-ring user, electricity-based attacks)
– One of the higher-level members of Giglio Nero
– Close enough to Aria for a romantic relationship of some sort



shouchanIRIE Shouichi

– Informally introduced in the Daily Life arc, formally introduced in the Future arc
– Was the one who sent back the guardians to the present
– In majority of this arc, he’s a student in another school, already geeky and panicky over things, having to deal with whatever his future self sends his way
– He’s a little younger than the Vongola boys (13-14 years old in this arc)

The Hariyama twins

– Anime-only
– Fraternal (non-identical) twins
– Currently studying and living in Japan alone (the parents work and live abroad)
– According to them, their father threw things at them, and their mother shouted a lot at them. Hence, life is calmer without the parents around.
– Go check the summary for episode 146 and 147 for full spoilers on these two. ^^v

montaHARIYAMA Monta

– More cynical of the twins
– Sarcastic and more secretive of the two

himekoHARIYAMA Himeko
– Possible hypersensitive hearing
– More outgoing and direct of the twins


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