Racconti di Arcobaleno

tales of the rainbow and other colorful stories

Primo famiglia

(left to right: Alaudi, Knuckle, G, Asari Ugetsu, Lampo, Daemon Spade) (center: Vongola Primo (Giotto) )

Recently introduced in the manga are the people who originally owned the Vongola rings, under the first Vongola boss (Vongola Primo). These people (their spirits, at least) give the inheritance tests, one of the requirements to activate the full powers of the Vongola rings.

Sky – Giotto
first Vongola boss
principal weapon – gloves
(People have been asking. This name was given in one of the KHR video games.)

Storm – G
close friend to Giotto
principal weapon – crossbow

Rain – ASARI Ugetsu
Japanese musician and swordsman, friend of Giotto
principal weapon – one long sword and three short swords

Cloud – Alaudi (Alaude)
policeman/detective, maintains law and order at borders of Vongola holdings
(Italian for ‘skylark’)
principal weapon – handcuffs

Mist – Demon (Daemon) Spade
(‘spade’ is Italian for ‘sword’)
principal weapon – monocle lens

Thunder – Lampo
cowardly young member of ally family
(Italian for ‘lightning’)
principal weapon – shield

Sun – Knuckle
boxer turned priest
principal weapon – fists

Nearly all of them look like their tenth-generation equivalents. Or rather, the family under Tsuna, Vongola Decimo, looks a whole lot like these people.


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