Racconti di Arcobaleno

tales of the rainbow and other colorful stories


Here we ask the questions…um, well…we’ve been asking ourselves over at forums and the Livejournal community. Once we have solid answers, they will be added in. Until then, the answer is “we don’t know”.

Is the Arcobaleno Trials subarc canon?
Is the Primo famiglia trials subarc canon?

It is definite that the CHARACTERS (excluding the Hariyamas, see question below) that were introduced are confirmed part of the canon. They were created by the manga author. Whatever additional things we learned about their personalities and their skills are canon.

If this arc is a filler arc, why are you paying attention to it?

Because it has Fon in it, and it has Mukuro in it. ^_^v

Seriously, though. Strictly speaking, yes, the Arcobaleno trials arc is an anime-only arc with no manga equivalent. But the storyline comes from Amano Akira, a plotline she would have wanted to do in the manga if things were different. Since the anime was getting dangerously close to current manga chapters, it’s a good time as any to do this plotline. Amano-san intentionally left plot holes in the interval between the Melone Base seige and the Choice battles for this anime arc to answer.

This is the arc that will hopefully explain what exactly Reborn is and why he (and seven others) are like that, and I want to know.

And, really. Fon is in it, and Mukuro is in it. What other reasons do you need? ^^v

So why didn’t the anime just stop for a while?

With the way the KHR plotline is right now, it simply can’t. It will leave the story hanging in a bad way if they hiatus after the Melone Base siege. There are no satisfactory pause points (such as there were in Naruto and Bleach), where the anime can stop, or where the anime can go off and do its own thing but not wreck the main plotline.

On a more practical side, they can’t hiatus. Too much anime merchandise and too many employees are on the line.

I do NOT want to watch the whole filler arc, but I’ve heard there IS important information. What episodes do I watch/what summary do I read here for those?

Episode 142 has some background information on six of the seven Arcobaleno.

Episodes 148 and 149 have the important backstory.

Episode 147 has Fon. Episode 150-153 has Verde (and some discussion on the development of the box weapons).

It’s not too important to story, but episode 145 has the Hibari/Mukuro fight.

Within episodes 185-188 (the D.Spade battles) is information generally important to understanding the Inheritance (Simon family) arc of the manga.

How is Fon related/connected to Hibari?

Fon IS related to Hibari, he said so (in volume 31 extras). But exactly how, for the moment neither Fon nor Hibari are talking. They are not brothers.

Fon, Feng, Fong…which is it?

The official spelling and Japanese pronunciation is Fon. Crunchyroll uses Fong.

Chinese fans use Feng (pronounced “fung”). They are NOT wrong to do this so don’t argue with this usage if you see it, but I do not advise you using it if you do not understand Chinese.

The explanations are in Fon’s character profile.

Who are these Hariyama twins, Monta and Himeko?

They are illusion versions of characters you already know. Who refuse to serve the Tenth. This is confirmed in episode 146, and completely confirmed in episode 147 and 153.

Who is Aria?

Aria is the daughter of the Sky Arcobaleno Luce (before the process happened). She just carries the pacifier inherited from Luce. This is why she is a normal human, unlike the Arcobaleno.

Aria is the current leader of Giglio Nero. She is the mother of Uni, who is the boss of Giglio Nero (Millefiore Black Spell) in Byakuran’s era.

Who is the father of Luce’s baby (Aria)?

We do not know.

Yamamoto Takeshi was told the whole story, right? So why doesn’t he tell us?

In case you forget, in exchange for mastering Shigure Soen Ryu well enough to beat Reborn in a fair training duel, Reborn told Yamamoto everything about the Arcobaleno.

Yamamoto said that he would be allowed to tell the others once they get back to base when the battles were over. Unfortunately the battles aren’t over yet. Also, Yamamoto wants to make good on the promise not to tell until he has Reborn’s permission to tell. (Also, I have a hunch that when Yamamoto is finally allowed to tell, it will be in the manga first, not in this set of anime fillers.)

There are time-paradox inconsistencies!

Yeah, there are. But remember that this is Katekyo Hitman Reborn. Not everything is supposed to make sense in this series.


3 Responses to “Questions”

  1. FonFanGirl said

    its so true. the whole reason why im ultra obsessed about this filler is because of fon and mukuro. I really want Fon to fight Hibari XDXD

  2. KHRyo said

    The reason why I continue paying attention is because its KHR lawl. Anyways I wanted to see all the arcobalenos.

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