Racconti di Arcobaleno

tales of the rainbow and other colorful stories

Trial rules

Here I compile the rules of the games, as they are given out. So you don’t have to go through the episode summaries all the time for them.

– The goal of the Arcobaleno trials is to test if the holder of the Vongola Sky ring (in this case Tsuna) is worthy of the honor.

– The real goal is to activate the Vongola Sky Box, and the rest of the upgrade Vongola ring boxes, which has seven seals around it, one for each of the Arcobaleno.

– Each Arcobaleno will hold a test. If Tsuna passes, they open one seal.

– A light beam from the relevant Arcobaleno pacifier is directed at Tsuna’s ring to open the seal. All the other guardians get their seals opened as well (a colored light around the ring proves this).

– All the seals must be acquired within one week. If all seven seals are not opened within seven days, any opened seals will be nullified.

– Within those seven days, there may be more than one trial in one day.

– There are no rules to what the Arcobaleno can do for each test. Colonello called in two people for his test. The others may call one or many, in any combination.

– There is no specific order of which Arcobaleno goes first.

– Each Arcobaleno will test for various strategy and leadership abilities, not element/attribute skills, in the Sky Ring holder and the guardians.


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